Master the art of zone offense with our specialized collection of Zone Offense Videos. Delve into various strategies and tactics designed to dismantle zone defenses and create scoring opportunities for your team. Whether facing a 2-3 zone, a 3-2 zone, or any other variation, our expert-led tutorials offer comprehensive breakdowns of zone offense principles, including spacing, ball movement, and player positioning. Learn how to exploit gaps in the defense, find open shooters, and attack the basket with precision. With clear demonstrations, strategic analysis, and practical drills, you'll develop the skills and basketball IQ needed to excel against zone defenses. Whether you're a coach looking to implement effective zone offense sets or a player seeking to thrive in zone attack situations, our curated selection of videos provides invaluable insights and strategies to help you succeed. Elevate your game and become a master of zone offense with our Zone Offense Videos. Start dissecting defenses and scoring at will today.

Encyclopedia Of Zone Offense by Bob Knight Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Knight (Rental)-Encyclopedia Of Zone Offense $39.99
Bob Knight: Encyclopedia of Zone Offense Learn everything there is to know about beating zone defenses in this on-court clinic presentation from one of the legendary coaches of all-time – Bob Knight. Coach Knight won over 900 career games and three national championships using these exact concepts to defeat zone defenses. Concepts & Rules Coach Knight shares and teaches a number of concepts needed to defeat a zone defense. He shares his philosophy and rules on things like transitioning into zone offense. A speedy transition can be a great first line attack against a zone defense. He also discusses proper positioning for players that will allow them to best use their strengths. Players are taught to see the court and pass and shot fakes to beat the defense. You will see how Coach Knight likes to work the ball inside against a zone defense with players fighting for position and then catching and observing. Finally, you will see how to create 2-on-1 matchups by penetrating the zone. This results in better scoring opportunities. Beating the Various Zone Defenses Coach Knight also breaks down how to beat each of the zone defenses you might see. Against the 2-3 zone for example, Coach Knight emphasizes the shot and pass fakes, the dribble drive, and post movement as these all work to beat it. Beating the 3-2 is different and Knight uses two players out front to occupy three defenders. This gives the three baseline players a numbers advantage. Beating the 1-3-1 zone is similar as Knight shows you effective ways to beat the baseline defender. You will also see how to beat combination defenses like the Box-and-1 and Triangle-and-2. Coach Knight shows you the limitations of these defenses and how you can exploit them to your advantage. Knight also demonstrates beating the half-court zone trap using your best player in the middle where he/she can attack and score. In addition to Knight’s philosophy, teaching, and coaching points; you also get an awesome bonus. This DVD contains 30 minutes of game footage that shows you Knight’s zone offense in action against the various defenses he mentions. The film reinforces what Knight teaches and can help you attack any zone defense with confidence.
Matt Painter: Zone Offense by Matt Painter Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Matt Painter (Rental)-Matt Painter: Zone Offense $15.99
Purdue head coach Matt Painter has turned the Boilermakers into one of the nation’s top programs. His teams have been to 12 NCAA tournaments with five of those trips going to the Elite Eight. Painter has guided Purdue to three Big Ten regular season titles and one conference tournament championship. Not surprisingly, he also has won four Big Ten Coach of the Year honors. In this video, Painter goes on the court to show you all the important elements of his zone offense. From rules to Xs and Os, you will learn how to get more layups, open shots, and free throw attempts using Painter’s zone offense. Coach Painter shows you how to build the offense by first using 3-on-0, 4-on-0, and 5-on-0 situations. The offense utilizes concepts from the Motion offense and it helps to teach those ideas without a defense. Painter also teaches players to use shot fakes, pass fakes, misdirection dribble, and the rip-and-go to successfully execute the Cut-Through Zone Offense. Spacing is a must and players must keep 12-foot to 15-foot spacing. They must also constantly change their movements using cuts to the high post, speed/hard cuts to the short corner, and the misdirection dribble to keep the defense on the move. The results of these actions include natural overloads that create open shots. Another benefit is that it continually puts your players in good offensive rebounding positions. Once the players have a solid grasp of player movement, Coach Painter then adds the defense. The offense works in a 5-on-5 setting against a 2-3 zone to start. Painter also introduces some man principles in the zone offense, one of which is the ball screen. If you are looking for new ways to attack zone defenses, this DVD by one of college basketball’s hottest coaches will give your team new ideas on cutting options, using the dribble effectively, feeding the post, and how to find cutters.
Gap Attack Zone Offense by Brad Brownell Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brad Brownell (Rental)-Gap Attack Zone Offense $15.99
Instead of focusing on running plays, teach your players how to "play" against a zone. To create scoring opportunities for all players on the floor, distort any zone Learn how to strike the gaps in any defense zone Use Brad Brownell's Gap Attack or Quick Change Zone Offense to attack any zone you may face. Brownell outlines 10 zone principles. These principles will enable your team to score on any zone defense, without having to rely upon set plays. Here are some of Brownell's principles. Take on the Gap Position Ð Learn how to create gaps within your shooting range Quick change ball reversal - Open up shots by moving defense Shot Fake and Pass Fake - Use falses to pose a threat to your team and make them more open to you Displace the Zone with the Dribble - Give the defense a new look using the dribble Brownell will show you how to communicate these principles to your players. Brownell uses perimeter drills and post drills in order to break down the principles and make it easier to teach them. Brownell also included one of his favourite set plays, which can be used against a zone or in continuity with the motion zone offense. These drills and principles will help you to defeat any zone defense! 57 minutes. 2010.
Unscoutable Zone Offense by Harry Perretta Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Harry Perretta (Rental)-Unscoutable Zone Offense $15.99
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Geno Auriemma: The Simplified Zone by Geno Auriemma Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Geno Auriemma (Rental)-Geno Auriemma: The Simplified Zone $15.99
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Ball Screen Offense vs. 2-3 Zone Defense by Matt McMahon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Matt McMahon (Rental)-Ball Screen Offense vs. 2-3 Zone Defense $18.99
Ball Screen Offense vs 2-3 Zone Matt McMahon led Murray State to back-to-back Ohio Valley Conference regular season and tournament championships in 2018 and 2019. One of the reasons was his team’s ability to beat zone defenses. In this video, Coach McMahon shares everything from zone offense principles and continuity to set plays and out of bounds plays that can help your own offensive attack. Elements to Beating a Zone Defense Coach McMahon’s ball screen offense vs 2-3 zone defense presentation starts with an outline of his philosophy of attacking a zone defense. He offers three key elements for beating a zone defense and the importance of having clear vision when you implement a zone offense and when you are choosing set plays. It is ideal to keep your players’ strengths in mind and to be consistent when developing your zone offense attack. Throughout the presentation, you will see how McMahon’s zone offense matches his philosophy and how it maximizes the skills and abilities of his players. Continuity Offenses and Set Plays You will see two continuity offenses as well as multiple set plays and counter to be used to attack a 2-3 zone. Coach McMahon’s continuity ball screen offense is based upon a few simple principles and allows players to make plays within some basic structure. For teams with a playmaking point guard or simply guard-heavy, the Slash Offense is perfect. This offense takes advantage of the strength of multiple ball handlers and shooters. It’s suitable for a four-guard offense but also takes care of the big man. Slash provides multiple opportunities to get the ball inside to a dominant post player. Attacking the 1-3-1 and Out of Bounds Plays Coach McMahon shows you a proven offensive set to take down the 1-3-1 zone. It will provide multiple looks at the basket and plenty of open 3-point opportunities. In the final segment of the video, Coach McMahon also offers two out of bounds plays that can be used under the basket. Both plays flow right into the continuity offense. If you face teams that play zone defenses, this video gives you everything you need to implement a zone offense package. Give your opponents headaches as they prepare for your offensive attack. Rent this ball screen offense vs 2-3 zone defense DVD today.
Complete Zone Offense with Steve Prohm by Steve Prohm Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Steve Prohm (Rental)-Complete Zone Offense with Steve Prohm $18.99
Complete Zone Offense for Basketball If your teams struggle with scoring against zone defenses, Iowa State head coach Steve Prohm has some answers. Coach Prohm, who guided his Cyclones to the 2017 Big 12 Tournament championship and the 2016 Sweet Sixteen, shows you his comprehensive approach to beating the most widely used zone defense in today’s game: the 2-3. Prohm shares a number of ways – transition, half-court offense, set plays, and even out of bounds plays – that his teams have defeated some of the best zone defenses in the country. Zone Offense for Basketball The best way to beat the zone defense is to beat it down the floor. Coach Prohm begins his presentation with transition and explains why the primary break is the best way to beat the zone. He will go through transition positioning and show you how to get the ball in the basket before a defense has a chance to set up. Coach Prohm also teaches three of his favorite offensive concepts for beating zone defenses, including the “Flare Flash” and the “Roll Cross” actions. You don’t always beat the zone defense in transition, so Prohm also shows you two half-court offenses: a motion offense and a ball screen offense. Both are designed to destroy the zone defense when run properly. Coach Prohm reviews both post and perimeter concepts and teaches you how to blend them together to create an attack that zone defenses simply cannot stop. In addition, you will see a few concepts that Prohm has used to beat the box-and-one. Set Plays for Basketball Zone In a practice setting, Coach Prohm reveals seven set plays in the half-court offense that you can use to beat the zone. He also shares four out of bounds plays for use against the zone. With each set play, Coach Prohm takes you through the multiple options and has his team demonstrate each at full speed. This 70-minute video reveals why Prohm’s teams at Iowa State are always competitive in the Big 12, one of the toughest conferences in the nation. The concepts that Prohm shares are simple and easy to learn. This is an outstanding video and can be applied at any level of basketball. Rent this zone offense for basketball DVD today.
How to Beat 2-3 & 3-2 Zone Defenses by Sylvia Hatchell Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
HoopsKing (Rental)-How to Beat 2-3 & 3-2 Zone Defenses $18.99
How to Beat a 2-3 and 3-2 Zone Defenses Want to know How to Beat a 2-3 Zone ? Legendary North Carolina women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell teaches you how to dissect and pick apart zone defenses in this video. You will learn Coach Hatchell’s 12 concepts and rules that form the basis of her zone offense as well as 11 different offensive sets that you can use against either a 2-3 or 3-2 zone defense. Coach Hatchell’s accomplishments are many: Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame (2013) Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame (2004) 1994 National Champions 3x NCAA Final Four 1,000-plus career wins (fourth in NCAA women’s history) National championships at three levels (NCAA, NAIA, AIAW) Zone Concepts - Learn How to Beat a 2-3 Zone Coach Hatchell shows her team’s basic offensive shell and a number of concepts that she uses to beat any type of zone defense. She begins with over 12 different concepts that can be used against a 2-3, 3-2, or anything an opponent can throw at you. The presentation continues with Coach Hatchell revealing her continuity system that allows her players to play to their strengths. You will see a number of set plays that allow scoring opportunities from both inside and outside the paint. You will learn that each player has a defined role within the system and those roles are designed to maximize the efficiency of the offense. Attacking Zone Defenses With the offensive shell in place, Hatchell then dives into zone entries and how to get the ball moving both inside to the post and around the perimeter. She reviews a number of different sets each designed to keep offensive players moving continuously in an effort to get high quality, high percentage shots. You also get a glimpse of Hatchell’s playbook as she breaks out 10 of her best zone plays. They are simply yet effective and can be incorporated easily into your system. If run correctly, these plays can create a wealth of scoring opportunities for your players. Finally, Coach Hatchell gives you some of her favorite out of bounds plays, including one that Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni calls ‘one of the best plays I’ve ever seen.’ If you are looking for an easy way to beat zone defenses, Coach Hatchell’s 66-minute video is as complete a video on zone offense as you will find. Rent How to Beat a 2-3 Zone Defense today.Read our 2-3 Zone Defense Guide here.
Attacking The 2-3 Zone With Multiple Sets by Mark Few Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mark Few (Rental)-Attacking The 2-3 Zone With Multiple Sets $18.99
How to Attack a 2-3 Zone with Mark Few The ability to defeat zone defenses is becoming increasingly important in modern basketball. Gonzaga head coach Mark Few uses a variety of zone actions and sets to take down teams that like to play zone. Coach Few has succeeded very well in doing so. His Bulldogs played for the 2017 national championship and Few’s teams have played in 19 straight NCAA tournaments. In this video, Coach Few teaches you how to put your team in an advantageous situation against zone defenses. Key Points to Attacking Zone Defense With the rise of the zone defense, your offensive arsenal has to have a number of zone attacks and set plays to go to at any time during a game. Coach Few shows you multiple ways to successfully attack zones and he begins by sharing his 5 Key Points to Attacking Zone Defenses: Attacking the zone defense by beating it down the floor Swinging the ball as quickly as possible Getting the ball in the high post Requiring perimeter players to have feet and hands ready Pounding the offensive boards Zone Actions and Set Plays Coach Few shares some of the basic sets that Gonzaga uses to attack zone defenses. They are easy to implement and Few explains the strengths of each set. Some of the actions you will see include: X Action with post players Dribble drag action to get the defense off balance Ghosting, or hiding your big behind the zone Reversals to beat the defense with quick passing Screen downs to get the defense to scramble out The 13 set, which emphasizes a creative entry into the high post You will also see some of Coach Few’s favorite quick hitters which are sure to get your players some open looks at the basket. Few stresses the key to breaking down a zone defense – get the ball inside! Few shows you how to get the ball inside in each of the quick hitters. This 65-minute video from one of college basketball’s best gives you exactly what you need to build a sound and explosive offense. Take your program to the next level today. Rent this how to attack a 2-3 zone defense DVD today.
Zone Offense Packages For Multiple Zone Defenses by Craig Neal Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Craig Neal (Rental)-Zone Offense Packages For Multiple Zone Defenses $17.99
With the increasing incorporation of zone defense into game strategies by teams at all levels, smart coaches are also looking for more innovative ways to break down a zone. In this course, Coach Craig Neal has outlined his continuity and quick-hitting plays versus a 2-3, 3-2 and a 1-3-1 zone. Working with court demonstrators, he established and introduced each zone offense like he would in a practical scenario, making it easier for his concepts to be incorporated into your program with just a little tweak. He will take you through a 13 set plays and a continuity offense which he uses against a variety of zone fronts. He will also show you quick-hitting plays out of a timeout that will leave your opponents overwhelmed. Finally, you will see five plays for use in special situations against a zone defense. 2-3 Zone and Motion Sets Via his "Regular" zone offense, Coach Neal controlled his offensive alignment based on what type of defense his team is facing. He used a simple 1-2-2 setup against a 2-3 zone to budge the ball and look for post touches in gaps. The guards' responsibilities are to dribble penetrate the gaps in the zone and look for open shots or post touches around the rim, Coach Neal says. In a different look, 15 side, Coach Neal utilizes a ball screen to create 2-on-1 advantages on either side of the zone. Using the ball screen creates an open look for your best shooters on the floor. Coach Neal includes several other variations out of the Regular set, including Thumbs Down, Thumbs Side, Double Fist, Lob play, and an after-timeout set. Motion Sets vs a 3-2 and 1-3-1 Defense Alongside a 3-2 zone, Coach Neal takes his Regular offense and maneuvers the initial set-up to get open looks for your shooters. In Head Pat, he uses a shallow cut with a ball screen to set up your guards for the rim. In 4 out, guards look to set up shooting opportunities on the weak side of the zone. Through using drive against a zone, Coach Neal will make the defense to make a decision between stopping drive and denying the open 3-pointer. For a 1-3-1, Coach Neal created scoring opportunities for the baseline runner. With most 1-3-1 zones having a guard running the baseline, he took advantage of his post players sealing hard against the guard and looks to score around the rim. He also Plays After Timeout and Special Situation Plays. Coach Neal illustrated six plays to use against a multiple zone fronts after a timeout or from an out of bounds situation. These strategies can create an advantage for a shooter on the perimeter or a baseline jumper for your post.  Coach Neal has shared his experience and knowledge to help you beat any zone defense. He showcased everything you want to know on breaking a 2-3, 1-3-1 and 3-2 zone.
Multiple Strategies For Attacking Zone Defenses by Bryce Drew Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bryce Drew (Rental)-Multiple Strategies For Attacking Zone Defenses $17.99
Bryce Drew: Multiple Strategies for Attacking Zone Defenses Teams at all levels have difficulties with zone defenses. Some of the problem is related to players not having the ability to effectively pass the basketball. Former Vanderbilt and Valparaiso head coach Bryce Drew has had success against zone defenses because of an offense that promotes ball movement. In order to have great ball movement, players must be great passers. In this video, Coach Drew shows you a number of drills that you can use to improve your team passing. You will see how to take advantage of your personnel in an effort to be at 2-3 zone. You will also see six set plays to use against zone defenses and how to beat an odd-front zone defense. Basic Passing Drills Coach Drew breaks down the elements of effective passing. Two drills are demonstrated to teach the basics of chest passes, overhead passes, bounce passes, fakes, and the baseball pass. Coach Drew also shows you how to make these drills more competitive. The One More Pass Drill trains players to swing the ball to an open shooter. Breaking a 2-3 Zone Coach Drew’s offensive system is flexible and can be customized to fit your personnel. He will teach you how to adapt based upon the skill of your post players. You will see how movement can be added by your posts and perimeter players to add another element for the defense to be concerned with. Coach Drew will also show you a few inside-out plays to break the defense using the posts. You’ll see different alignments used to attack the 2-3 including a 4-out alignment to spread the floor for teams with good guards. Coach Drew will also show you how to take advantage of talented post players or when size is an advantage. Sets vs a 2-3 Zone Coach Drew demonstrates six set plays designed to attack the 2-3 zone. Utilizing ball screens, overload, and baseline screens, Coach Drew shows you how to create scoring opportunities. The Stack series offers three plays run from the same alignment. Coach Drew shows you counters as well depending on how a defense plays you. Coach Drew also discusses two methods of attacking odd-front defenses like the 3-2 zone. Again, he shows you how to spread the floor if you have smaller lineups or how to overload the baseline if you have good post players. Coach Drew gives you everything you need to break the 2-3 zone defense. From drills to set plays and continuity sets, you will have everything you need to attack opponents and make them wish they hadn’t played the 2-3 zone.
Attacking Zone Defenses With Continuity Offense And Set Plays by Sharman White Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Sharman White (Rental)-Attacking Zone Defenses With Continuity Offense And Set Plays $17.99
Attacking Zone Defense with Continuity Offense and Set Plays With more teams running zone defenses at all levels of play, teams need more simple but effective methods of attacking zones. Sharman White, head coach at Pace Academy in Georgia, teaches you a continuity style offense as well as some quick hitters that you can use to defeat any type of zone defense. White, a former Georgia State assistant, won seven Georgia Class AAAA state titles, including six in a row from 2009 to 2014. He has also won two gold medals with USA Basketball (U16 and U17 teams). Three Continuity Offenses vs. Zone Coach White shares three different continuity offenses all based on his principle of “attack the match ups.” Each offense is designed to expose the weaknesses of the 2-3. Coach White goes into detail about counters to the most likely defensive adjustments, which increases your opportunity to score. The featured set is Kansas, which overloads one side of the floor with four players. The offense has multiple entries and is simple enough to be used at the lowest levels. It can be used as a complete standalone offense or as a formation to fall back into if a quick-hitter doesn’t work. Quick Hitters vs. the Zone Defense Building off of the continuity offenses, Coach White presents you with a number of quick-hitting actions that can provide an opportunity to score quickly against a zone defense. It could be the end of a half, coming out of a timeout, or the final shot of a game; Coach White’s quick-hitters are tried and true options for clutch moments in games. Beating the Junk Defense Too often, teams that have difficulty dealing with a very good player will try some sort of gimmick defense like the box-and-one. Coach White offers up four effective plays for beating these “junk” defenses. Coach White’s overall approach to attacking zone defenses is absolutely brilliant because of its simplicity. This 73-minute video provides invaluable instruction for those coaches struggling to find answers to zone defenses. Rent this Attacking Zone Defense DVD today.
The 'dive & Fill' Zone Offense by Bob Huggins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Huggins (Rental)-The 'dive & Fill' Zone Offense $15.99
Bob Huggins' zone offense targets the highest-risk area of the floor, the high post. To make the zone's core work, this offense employs the "dive-and-fill" method. Coach Huggins shows the basics of the offense using four players in this clinic on the floor. The high post, short corner, and wings are the main areas of the floor. The guard is a key position for the high-post player. The offense is able to win a 3-on-2 advantage when the ball reaches this area. Basic alignment is a 2-1-2 with the most active, best player at the high post. Huggins demonstrates the three-man rotation at the baseline when the ball's direction is inverted. This is a great feature because it allows a 3-point shooter to be free in the corners. Huggins shows how Huggins can get the ball to the high post or to the open shooter on either wing. Huggins also shows how to make space for a lob to the rim. Huggins demonstrates how to create mismatches in the zone once the action has become 5-on-5. There are three options: the ball screen, the corner action, and the dribble pull. 65 minutes. 2007.
Auriemma & Knight: Zone Offense Strategies by Bob Knight Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Knight (Rental)-Auriemma & Knight: Zone Offense Strategies $15.99
Zone Offense Strategies Two Hall of Fame coaches collaborate to bring you this video which shows you a number of ways to beat a zone defense. Geno Auriemma has over 1,000 career wins, 11 national championships, and has the highest winning percentage of any college coach in women’s basketball history. Bobby Knight has 900-plus career wins, three national championships, and coached the U.S. Men’s Olympic team to a gold medal in 1984. Both coaches provide on-court demonstrations to show you how to effectively attack any zone defense. Coach Knight Zone Offense Strategies Zone defenses have become very good at clamping down on opponents’ offenses. To beat the zone, Coach Knight uses two basic strategies – dribble penetration and beating the defense down the floor in transition. In his on-court demonstrations, you will see every possible attacking angle that can be used to beat the zone off the dribble. Coach Knight shows you how to create offensive advantages as the result of dribble penetration. Using the dribble helps to distort a zone defense. Coach Knight reveals his philosophy of forcing the zone to move as the ball is passed and then shows you the dribble and pass fake to beat most any zone including the 2-3, 1-3-1, and 1-2-2. Coach Knight also shows you how to use screens against the zone to maximize your scoring opportunities. You’ll hear all of Coach Knight’s secrets to dissecting zone defenses. Coach Auriemma Zone Offense Strategies Connecticut women’s basketball has faced its fair share of zone defenses. As a result, Coach Auriemma believes in penetrating the zone to break it down. He will show you two ways to penetrate – drive the gaps and pass attack to bring the ball to your best player instead of bringing the defense and your best player to the ball. After sharing his basic principles behind attacking zone defenses, Auriemma then goes through on-court demonstrations of five quick-hitting actions. Each is designed to get a quick shot against a zone. In addition, Coach Auriemma shows you how to use a man-to-man offense to beat a 2-3 zone. The use of ball screens and dribble penetration produces easy open looks and 3-point attempts just like a man-to-man offense. Any zone offense can benefit from the expertise, instruction, and philosophy of two of the greatest coaches the game has known. This 113-minute video will help your offense create advantages and scoring opportunities against any zone defense. Rent this Zone Offense Strategies DVD today
3 Zone Offenses To Beat Any Zone Defense by Jim Larranaga Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jim Larranaga (Rental)-3 Zone Offenses To Beat Any Zone Defense $15.99
Jim Larranaga: 3 Zone Offenses to Beat Any Zone Defense University of Miami head coach Jim Larranaga has enjoyed success everywhere he has been. He took George Mason to the Final Four in 2006 and took Miami to the Sweet Sixteen in 2013 when he earned the AP National Coach of the Year award. One of the things that has contributed to Larranaga’s success is an offensive attack that can break down any defense, including zone defenses. In this on-court clinic presentation, Coach Larranaga diagrams three-zone offenses you can use to beat any zone defense. He then takes those offenses on the court to demonstrate how he uses ball movement, man movement, screening, dribble penetration, and offensive rebounding to beat zone defenses. You’ll see each offense in a 5-on-0 and then a 5-on-5 setting. Slice & Dice Zone Offense The Slice & Dice is great against most any zone, but primarily the 2-3, 3-2, and 1-2-2. The offenses uses four perimeter players and one post. It forces the defense to move, communicate, and change their matchups. Crack & Carve Zone Offense The Crack & Carve is good against the same 2-3, 3-2, or 1-2-2 zone defenses. The difference is that this offense will utilize two post players. The idea, as the name attests, is for the two post players to carve out space, set screens, and create good shots either for themselves or for their teammates. Seek & Find Zone Offense The Seek & Find Offense is used specifically for the 1-3-1 zone defense. This offense uses a 4-Out formation and then uses combinations of diagonal passing, back screens, down screens, and penetration to break down and dismantle the zone thereby creating open shots. With three different zone offenses, you have the ability to install the one that best fits your personnel. You can also install all three and use them in different situations. Order now to take advantage of Coach Larranaga’s expertise in designing zone offenses.