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Pulastic Eco Clean

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🌟 Discover Pulastic Eco Clean: Your Ultimate Solution for Pristine Sports Floors! 🏟️

Are you in search of a top-tier synthetic floor cleaning detergent to maintain the brilliance of your Pulastic indoor sports floors? Look no further than Pulastic Eco Clean – the premier choice for cleaning and preserving your Pulastic surfaces. ✨

Characteristics and Advantages 🌿

Pulastic Eco Clean stands out as a sports floor cleaning detergent offered by a company certified for quality control (ISO 9001:2000) and environmental care (ISO 14001). Here's why it's the ideal choice:

✅ Removes grease, dirt, grime, and bacteria, ensuring a spotless floor. ✅ Perfect for use in walk-behind floor scrubber machines. ✅ Composed of a blend of natural and synthetic soaps. ✅ Boasts a pleasant, fresh fragrance and nearly pH-neutral formula. ✅ Non-toxic and non-corrosive cleaner that leaves no film or wax residue. ✅ Preserves the original color of your Pulastic floor. 🌈

User Instructions 📋

To maximize the effectiveness of Pulastic Eco Clean, please follow these guidelines:

❗ Avoid using Pulastic Floor Cleaner on newly installed floors for the first 7 days. ❗ Refrain from using a Walk-Behind or Riding Auto Scrubber for the initial 28 days post-installation. ❗ Always mix PULASTIC BASIC CLEAN into lukewarm water, not the other way around, for optimal results.

Efficient Cleaning Process 🧼

Maintaining your sports floor is a breeze with Pulastic Eco Clean:

1️⃣ Begin by dust mopping the floor using a SPECIALTY MICROFIBER MOP to eliminate loose dirt.
2️⃣ Clean the floor using a SPECIALTY MICROFIBER MOP with Looped Cleaning Pad and a cleaning solution consisting of 1 part PULASTIC ECO CLEAN to 30 parts water. (This ratio is equivalent to approximately 4 oz. of soap to 1 gallon of water.)
3️⃣ Saturate the Cleaning Pad in the cleaning solution, wring it out, and lay it flat on the ground. Firmly press the Aluminum Mop head against the Cleaning Pad to reattach it to the mop.
4️⃣ Damp mop the entire floor by walking down and back its entire length. As the cleaning pad accumulates dirt, remove and rinse it in the cleaning solution as needed.
5️⃣ For auto scrubber use, opt for white pads only.

For Deep Cleaning, dilute the solution to a concentration of 1:10.

Invest in Pulastic Eco Clean today and witness the transformation of your sports floor maintenance. Experience the Pulastic difference! 🏆🌟

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