M.V.P. Elite Vertical Training System


M.V.P. Elite Vertical Training System

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Here is What You Are Getting

  1. M.V.P. 2.0 Vertical Jump Program
  2. Elite Vertical Harness Bands
  3. Lateral Resistor Bands


MVP Vertical Jump System to Increase Jump

12 Week Explosive
Vertical Jump Program

MVP is 3 times a week, around 30 minutes per workout is all you need to reach your Maximum Vertical Potential.


Resistance bands to increase vertical jump


Elite Vertical Harness - MORE 
Muscle = More POWER

Wear these during the Plyometric exercises to get bigger gains than just using gravity alone. Choose the resistance you want to start with (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). The Elite Vertical Harness is much more intense than the Pro Vertical Harness so be warned.


Lateral resistance bands for basketball 

LockDown Defender Bands

You'll use these bands instead of the Elite Vertical Harness on some of the lunge exercises as these bands provide better resistance for lunges. This basketball training equipment is also great for Defensive drills.


Strength Training to Improve Vertical Jump

12 Week Explosive Weight
Training Program

Build explosiveness in your lower and upper body for your optimal M.V.P. Alan has selected exercises that will make you as explosive as possible on the court.



Easy to Follow
Printable Workout Sheets

Printable workout sheets allow you to work out with a friend or even your whole team.


Core Exercises to Jump Higher

Complete Video Breakdown
of Each Exercise

Alan Stein explains each exercise along with professional demonstration and enhanced computer graphics to really break the moves down.


Alan Stein Weight Lifting Exercises Basketball

World Class Instructor
Alan Stein

Professiona Strength & Conditioning Coach Alan Stein brings the utmost credibility to the MVP Program. Alan has trained High School, College, & Pro players including Kevin Durant.



The Most Comprehensive
Vertical Jump Program

MVP covers the 4 areas you need to maximize your vertical jump. We call these the Core 4 and are the key to your Maximum Vertical Potential.


Linear Variable Resistance Training Basketball

Experience "Linear Variable
Resistance Training"

Linear Variable Resistance Training (LVRT) will help you jump higher than you thought possible. Experience LVRT by using the Elite Vertical Harness while doing the lower body weight lifts. Adding the Elite Vertical Harness to these exercises increases the resistance at the upper portion of your jump as the weights become easy. LVRT activates more muscle fibers which simply means more explosiveness and an even higher vertical jump.


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