Maximize Your Vertical Jump and Speed with Jump 99 Shoes

Increase your Vertical Jump 6" to 12"

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    Increase Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers for More Explosiveness

    Lower 50M Dash Time by 2/10 of a Second

    Increase Calf Mass & Definition

    Increase Reactive Strength & Agility


Train with Jump 99 Plyometric Shoes

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How do Jump 99 Shoes Work?

In regular shoes, 75% of the body’s weight rests on the heel. Therefore, the calf muscles, exert little effort in supporting the body. In Jump99 strength sneakers, the heel factor is eliminated, causing the calves to support 100% of the body’s weight. These jump shoes basketball training equipment works the calves and Achilles tendons with a force equal to 6Xthe body’s weight upon impact.


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