(Rental)-Speed Game Offense For High School Basketball


(Rental)-Speed Game Offense For High School Basketball

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  • To put the pressure on your opponent, run with maximum effort and make sure you have teammates available
  • Tire your opponent mentally and physically
  • Your team should be able to recognize defenses and make mistakes.

Profit from your rivals by running, rebounding and outworking them until they are physically and mentally exhausted.

Coach Downs shows you how to start each break quickly by running to open your teammates. He outlines the roles for each position, including counters and early and late break actions. On court, transition drills can also be shown and diagrammed.

Downs leads from the break into his offense by explaining his high/low motion screening actions.

This is a very effective way to take action:

  • Possibilities to post up for perimeter and post players
  • Screens offer 1-on-1 opportunities
  • Spot up shooters will need to post kick outs
  • Strong rebounding and mismatch possibilities on the perimeter and post

Downs explains the rules and responsibilities of players, how to use a ball screen, and how to position the defense to create space. For every defensive situation, Downs explains the steps and diagrams. Finally, drills for both individual and team are created and displayed on court.

Downs' teams averaged almost 80 points per game over the three years using the speed game and high/low movement screening. This has led to two state championships.

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120 minutes. 2010.

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