Wide Receiver Techniques with Malik McClain
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Gaining seperation from defensive backs comes from a combination of athleticism, technique and knowledge. If you are not blessed with athleticism then you need to have elite technique and knowledge... both of these you will learn in this course. In this course, I take you from the foundations of route running to the end goal. On the journey, we will look at all the components that make the finished picture. We will dive into: Correct warm-up for injury prevention and muscle activation. Variations of hand and catching drills. Concepts to gain separation. Forward and lateral movement combinations for maximum stability. Examples of routes and how to drive quick breaks. ...And more. Being a Wide Receiver can offer the most joy or the most frustration. Through these steps, you will ensure consistency in your routes by being on another level to your opponent.1 Malik McClain Introduction Free 0:26 2 Loosening Up 3:14 3 Developing Efficient Motion of Movement with the Ball Drop Drill 2:01 4 Fundamental Catching 1:34 5 Complete Over the Shoulder Catches CONSISTENTLY 1:14 6 Creating Max Separation from the DB in 1 Step in the Single Stick Drill Free 1:24 7 Perfecting Your Breakdown in Comeback and Curl Routes 1:06 8 Train Balance and Lateral Movement in the Typewriter Drill 1:20 9 Develop Stability & Separation on Breaks in Routes 0:59 10 Hitch & Curl Routes 1:06 11 Slant Route 0:26 12 Post Route 0:29 13 Maintain Balance and Develop Quick Breaks with these Ladder Drills 6:31 14 Tying it All Together 1:53 15 Best Advice a Coach Ever Gave Me 0:19 16 Favorite NFL Player 0:13 17 Why I Model My Game After Julio Jones 0:21 18 Advice For High School Athletes 0:28 19 Importance of Academics 0:27 20 Keeping the Right Mindset 0:54 21 Thanks for Watching! 0:28Freshman Wide Receiver @ FSU out of Daphne, Alabama. Was the nations 43rd ranked wide receiver and 267th overall recruit by 247sports composite. �Malik also ranked in the ESPN top 300 after his season at IMG academy in Florida. Malik helped lead his team to an undefeated record while catching 3 touchdowns and racking up 15 catches foe 258 yards in 2020. �Also a stand out basketball player, McClain is on pace to be a key contributor on offense for the Seminoles by using his athleticism and route running abilities.� - 1st Year Starter for Florida State- No. 43 wide receiver on 247Sports Composite- Four-star wide receiver
Tight End Domination with Ja`Tavion Sanders
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Becoming a complete tight end means not only being able to block defenders, but also catching the ball in different situations when it is thrown in your direction. If you are finding any part of the tight end position difficult, then this is the course from standout Tight end JT Sanders for you. In this course I will go over all of the different aspects of being a tight end that has got me to the level I am at today. We will cover: Attacking the ball at the highest point. Footwork for precise route running. Blocking on the line of scrimmage and as a wide out. Proper stance and hand placement as a route runner/blocker. ...And more. If you want to dominate the tight end position in all aspects of the game of football, then book this course now and let's get to work!1 Warming the Legs up for Practice 0:54 2 DOMINATE in the Air through Attacking the Ball at the High Point Free 0:49 3 Attacking the Ball over Small Defenders 0:46 4 Catching the Ball Down a Straight Line 1:34 5 Master Catching the Ball at Awkward Angles 1:14 6 Lock Down Hand Placement on Badly Thrown Balls 0:47 7 Become UNSTOPPABLE by Never Letting the Ball Hit the Ground 0:33 8 Back shoulder Fade Routes over Smaller DB's 1:10 9 Exploding off of the Line of Scrimmage to Overpower DB's 0:52 10 Utilizing Footwork to Run Precise In-Routes 1:04 11 Running Perfect Comeback Routes 1:13 12 Tracking the Ball Over the Shoulder on Fade Routes 1:10 13 Proper Blocking Technique as a Tight End 1:19 14 Proper Stance Alignment as a Big Pass Catcher 1:40 15 Best Advice a Coach has Ever Given Me 0:17 16 Pre-Game Mental Prep 0:21 17 How I Stay in My Prime 0:27 18 Advice for Young Tight Ends 0:27 19 Advice for Two-Way Players in High School 0:36 20 Importance of Grades and Academics 0:33 21 Role of Nutrition in Becoming a Great Football Player 0:28 22 Things You Should Do with Free Time 0:34 23 My Favorite NFL Tight End that DOMINATES 0:31 24 My Motivation 0:33JT Sanders is a Redshirt Freshman Tight End for the University of Texas Longhorns. �Sanders participated in the Under Armor All-American game and was a finalist for the Sports Illustrated 2020 All American Team. �After playing both Tight End and Defensive End at Ryan High school in Denton, Texas, Sanders was labeled as the 13th overall player in the country by ESPN, and the 3rd overall player in the state of Texas. �Ja'Tavion was also a finalist for the 2020 Mr. Texas football award, and was chosen to be on the cover of the 2021 Dave Campbell's Texas Football Rising magazine. �Sanders helped Denton Ryan to a 5A Division 1 state title in 2020, and was an all state and 2 time all-district honoree. �As a Senior, Sanders caught 63 receptions for 1,161 yards and 16 touchdowns, while rushing 23 times for 71 yards and three touchdowns. On defense, he had four sacks and an interception on defense as a senior. �In 2019, Sanders was named 5A All-State Defensive Player of the Year and first-team all-state at defensive end by the Texas Sports Writers Association. � Awards and Honors: 2021 Dave Campbell's Texas Football Rising magazine Cover Athlete2020 All American2020 Under Armor All American game participant�2020 Mr. Texas football award Finalist2020 �Sports Illustrated All American Team Finalist2020 �Texas MaxPreps All-State first team as an all-purpose player�2019 5A All State Defensive Player of the Year2019 First Team All State Defensive EndESPN 13th overall RecruitRivals 3rd overall in the state of Texas
Spacious Route Running with EJ Williams
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This course helps you dominate on both sides of the play... before the ball is thrown and after. With the skills and techniques learned in this course, your quaterback is guaranteed to start targeting you on passses.� As a Wide Receiver, you will learn ways to improve your route running by creating separation from the opposing defensive backs.�In my course you will discover: How to perfect your release. Specific cuts based on the route you are running. Importance of attacking the DB�s blind spot. How to use leverage to your advantage. Drills to be more efficient in your routes breakpoint. ...And more. Additionally, I provided some bonus content where I discuss overcoming adversity as a player, how to prepare before a game, and recovery after a game. If you want to PERFECT your craft at the WR position then you need to watch this course!1 OPTIMIZE Separation at the Top of Curl Routes 1:20 2 Perfecting the Release to THREATEN the Defender 1:02 3 The BEST way to Work Breaks in a Slant Route 1:03 4 MASTER Your Cuts in a Dig Route Free 1:11 5 Catching the Ball with Blind Vision 0:28 6 Confuse the Defender by Attacking their Leverage 1:25 7 How to Sell a Go-Route for MOST Separation in a Curl Route versus Off-Coverage 1:14 8 Working the Dig Cut when Defender has Inside Leverage 1:21 9 How to Dig Cut versus Press Man and Outside Leverage 1:03 10 Breaks Cuts in Comeback 0:57 11 How to Defeat Man on a Comeback Route 1:24 12 How to Get Off Heavy Press-Man Coverage 1:50 13 My Journey with Football 0:55 14 The Best Advice a Coach Ever Gave Me 0:35 15 Dealing with Setbacks 0:50 16 Transitioning From High School to College 1:26 17 How I Prepare for a Game 0:54 18 Importance of Learning From Film 1:12 19 How to Recover Properly 1:20 20 My Inspiration 0:48 21 Message For Younger Fans 0:24EJ Williams | Wide Receiver #6 Rated as a four-star by 247 sports in 2019, EJ is a sophomore wide receiver at Clemson. In his freshman campaign, Williams had 24 catches for 306 yards and two touchdowns. He played in 12 games starting in four. His playing time and play-making abilities were showcased late in 2020 during the Tigers run into the College Football Playoff.
Running Crisp Routes with Mike Harley, Jr.
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It can be challenging to gain separation when coming up against elite defensive backs. From my experience and coaching, I will present my favorite drills and tips to help you dominate even the best defensive backs. To maximize your route running, you need to focus not only on yourself but learn the tendencies of your opponents. In my course, we will cover: Footwork fundamentals to escape defenders. Tendencies of elite route runners. Handling Adversity. Nutrition. ...And more. This is just the beginning of how much you will improve mentally and physically as a wide receiver. If you want to start dominating as a wide receiver, then you need to check out my course.1 Mike Harley Introduction 0:31 2 Thanks for Booking! 0:05 3 Figure 8 Drill for Precision Route Running 1:46 4 4 Way Box Drill to Create POWER in your Routes 1:54 5 Deceleration Drill to Create Separation from Defenders Free 1:37 6 Salsa Drill that Helps DANCE Around Defenders 1:41 7 3 Points I Focus On 0:09 8 My Professional Inspirations 0:37 9 �Dog� Mentality 0:28 10 Pre Game Routine 0:49 11 Pre Game Artists 0:22 12 Dealing with Adversity 1:28 13 Mindset and the Transfer Portal 0:52 14 Embracing Being the Underdog 1:06 15 Being the Hardest Worker in the Room 1:00 16 Consistency in the Classroom and the Field 0:47 17 Importance of the �Little Things� 0:35 18 Nutrition is Everything 0:51 19 The Grind 0:58Mike Harley | University of Miami #3 The consensus four-star wide receiver prospect by 247Sports, ESPN, Rivals, and Scout took part in the U.S. Army All-American Game and was ranked as the 24th-best player in the state of Florida according to Rivals. Harley is an explosive wide receiver that has played in 48 games for the University of Miami with 125 receptions for 1,615 yards and 10 touchdowns. The 2020 season proved to be his best as a Hurricane, recording 57 catches, 799 receiving yards, and 7 touchdowns. In the final 6 games of that season, he averaged at least 1 touchdown and over 100 yards receiving per game. � HONORS 2021 Biletnikoff Award Watch List
Maximizing Footwork and Zone Principles at Tight End with Will Mallory
CoachTube Maximizing Footwork and Zone Principles at Tight End with Will Mallory $20.00
If you find yourself getting beat in your zones, or find that your footwork and base are not allowing you to attack opponents then you need to check out my course. I will give you the foundations to become an elite tight end. I will walk you through: Footwork drills. Inside and outside zone progressions. Keeping a strong foundation when transitioning in game. ...And more. If you want to progress and become formidable in the tight end position then you need to book my course.1 Will Mallory Introduction 0:15 2 Thanks for Booking! 0:04 3 Build a POWERFUL Base with the Slow Duck Walk 0:36 4 Maximize Agility with this Footwork Drill Free 0:59 5 Keeping a Strong Foundation to DOMINATE the Inside Zone 1:17 6 Utilizing Angles in this Outside Zone Drill 1:18 7 Who I Model My Game After 0:31 8 What I Have Learned from Greg Olsen 0:27 9 Simplify Your Approach 0:22 10 The Best Advice I have Received from Coaches 0:23 11 What I Learned During the Recruiting Process 0:25 12 Understanding the Mental Approach 0:28 13 Pregame Rituals 0:22 14 What has Lead to My Academic Success 0:30 15 Importance of Nutrition and the Weight Room 0:34 16 Competing in Multiple Sports 0:33 17 Advice to Younger Athletes 0:36 18 Coaching Points that Stick with Me 0:32Will Mallory | Tight End #85 A consensus four-star prospect by ESPN, 247Sports and Rivals out of high school. Mallory was rated as third-best tight end prospect by ESPN.com He also ranked among the top 300 recruits by ESPN. The 2020 season with Miami was a breakout year for the junior. He had 22 receptions for 329 yards and 4 touchdowns for the Hurricanes in 11 games played. Through Miami�s first six games, Mallory averaged 20.1 yards per catch, which was a team-high among players who had at least five receptions.
Adding Speed and Catches to your Game with Jadon Haselwood
CoachTube Adding Speed and Catches to your Game with Jadon Haselwood $20.00
I understand that to be a great wide receiver you need the speed, agility, and knowledge to get yourself in a position before making the catch. I'm here to equip you with all the elements to make you DOMINATE every football game. I will walk you through: Complete control of your body to decelerate and accelerate. Drills to help you stop on a dime. Movements to help you get open to make a big play. ...And more. If you want to become a serious recruit, then you need to buy my course.1 Welcome to my Course 0:12 2 Stopping on a Dime to Create Seperation 5:30 3 Mastering Footwork in Different Stop Routes Free 1:32 4 Ignore Outside Influences 1:01 5 Academics Opens the Door 1:39 6 Fuel and Allow your Body to Recover 1:27 7 Walk of Champions Hype 0:36 8 Film Allows you to be a Better Person and Player 1:27 9 How to Better yourself even through Injuries 1:44Jadon Haselwood #11 | Wide Receiver Jadon Haselwood is a Redshirt Sophomore wide receiver for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Haselwood began his career at Cedar Grove High School in Ellenwood, Georgia where he was labeled a 5-star recruit by 247sports. Rivals had him as the number 4 overall recruit in the country while ESPN had him at #6. In 2019 as a freshman, Jadon played in 13 games where he racked up 272 yards and a touchdown on 19 receptions. In 2021 Jaden had 39 receptions and 6 TD's for the Oklahoma Sooners.