Keep Your Team on Top: Essential Soccer Sideline Equipment

Victory hinges on preparation. Equip your team for success with our curated collection of sideline essentials. Here, you'll find everything to keep your players hydrated, energized, and ready to dominate the field.

From water coolers and pop-up tents for shade to first-aid kits and coaches' clipboards, we've got you covered. Browse durable team benches, keep balls organized with ball bins, and display team spirit with custom corner flags.

Shop with confidence, knowing our sideline equipment is built to last, ensuring your team can focus on the game, not their gear.

Never Miss a Beat on the Field with Soccer Referee Pads! Every referee needs a reliable way to track the flow of the game. Introducing Soccer Referee Pads – the compact, convenient solution for staying on top of every goal, penalty, and substitution. Stay Organized, Stay in Control Referee Pads are designed to fit perfectly in your pocket, making them easy to access throughout the match. No more scrambling for loose pieces of paper or forgetting crucial details. Here's what makes Referee Pads the perfect companion for any ref: Track key statistics: Keep a clear record of goals, assists, penalties, ejections, substitutions, and more – all on one handy pad. Easy-to-read layout: The intuitive design ensures you can quickly jot down information without missing a beat. Portable and lightweight: Fits comfortably in your pocket, ready to be pulled out at a moment's notice. Double-sided sheets: Get 12 sheets per pad, offering plenty of space for even the longest matches. Professional look: Available in classic white and black for a clean and polished appearance. Referee Pads empower you to manage the game with confidence and accuracy. Frequently Asked Questions How many sheets are included per pad? Each pad comes with 12 double-sided sheets, offering a total of 24 record keeping surfaces. What kind of pen or pencil should I use? Referee Pads work best with any standard pen or pencil. Are these pads refillable? No, these pads are not refillable. However, the bulk-friendly pricing allows you to stock up and stay prepared for every game. Become a master of the pitch with Soccer Referee Pads. Order yours today!
Elevate Your Refereeing Game with HoopsKing Diamond Patterned Linesman's Flags Ensure clear communication and optimal performance on the field with HoopsKing's Diamond Patterned Linesman's Flags. Designed with the needs of referees and linesmen in mind, these flags offer superior features to enhance your officiating experience. Engineered for Excellence Built to Last: Constructed from heavy-duty materials, these flags can withstand the demands of outdoor play, season after season. Enhanced Grip: Custom foam handles provide a secure and comfortable grip, even in wet or sweaty conditions. Untangle the Game: Featuring an advanced swivel design, these flags prevent frustrating tangles, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted signaling. Clear Communication: The official diamond patterned design with bright red and yellow colors ensures maximum visibility for players, coaches, and referees alike. Effortless Transport: A convenient carrying case is included for easy storage and transportation, keeping your flags protected and readily accessible. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What sports are these flags suitable for? These flags are ideal for a variety of sports that utilize linesmen, including soccer, football, lacrosse, and more. How do I clean the flags? We recommend using a mild soap and water solution to clean the flags. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. What is the warranty on these flags? HoopsKing Diamond Patterned Linesman's Flags come with a [warranty period] warranty against manufacturing defects. Order your HoopsKing Diamond Patterned Linesman's Flags today and experience the difference of superior officiating equipment!
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Never Fumble on the Field Again: Stay Organized with the Referee Wallet Calling all referees! Are you tired of scrambling for your cards, notepad, and pencil during a game? Do you ever worry about misplacing a crucial red or yellow card in the heat of the moment? The Referee Wallet is here to eliminate that stress and keep you focused on the game. Here's what makes the Referee Wallet your officiating MVP: All-in-one convenience: This vinyl wallet keeps all your essential refereeing tools organized and readily accessible. No more digging through pockets or bags – you'll have everything you need at your fingertips. Stay on top of the game: The included referee pad lets you meticulously track goals, assists, substitutions, penalties, and any other important details throughout the match. Official authority: The wallet comes with one regulation yellow card and one red card, ensuring you're prepared to administer fair and clear calls. Built to last: The durable vinyl construction protects your equipment from the elements, so you can concentrate on officiating a great game, rain or shine.  Referee Wallet: Because every referee deserves a smooth and organized game. Frequently Asked Questions What sports is this referee wallet suitable for? The Referee Wallet is ideal for soccer referees, but it can also be used for any sport that utilizes penalty cards and requires tracking game statistics. Is there space for additional items in the wallet? Yes, the wallet features additional compartments that can hold a pen, business cards, or other small officiating tools. Is the referee pad refillable? Absolutely! The Referee Wallet uses standard-sized referee pads, which are readily available for purchase.
Never Miss a Call Again with Linesman Flags  linesman flags are designed for serious referees who demand the best. Made from heavy-duty materials, these flags can withstand even the most demanding outdoor environments. With a comfortable grip and advanced swivel design, you'll be able to signal fouls and violations with confidence and ease. Here's what makes Linesman Flags the best choice for referees: Built to Last: Constructed from high-quality, heavy-duty materials to ensure long-lasting durability, even with frequent use. Enhanced Grip: Custom foam handles provide a comfortable and secure grip, even in wet or sweaty conditions. Foul-Proof Swivel Design: The innovative swivel design prevents the flag from becoming tangled or wound around itself during use. Convenient Carrying Case: A custom carrying case is included for easy transport and storage of your flags. Bold Colors: Available in high-visibility red and yellow for clear and unmistakable signals. FAQ Q: What size are the flags? A: The dimensions of the flags are not currently available. Q: Can I customize the flags with a logo or team name? A: does not currently offer customization options for the linesman flags. Q: How many flags come in a set? A:  linesman flags are sold as a set of two, one red and one yellow.
Take Control of the Field: The Soccer Referee Kit Ensure you have everything you need to officiate your next soccer match with the  Soccer Referee Kit! This all-inclusive kit provides referees of all levels with the essential tools to manage the game smoothly and confidently. Become a Refereeing Authority Look the part and command respect on the field with a professional referee kit. The included vinyl wallet keeps your equipment organized and readily accessible throughout the game. Stay Organized and in Control Never miss a beat with the handy referee pad and pencil. Keep track of goals, assists, substitutions, penalties, and any other important details during the match. Clear Communication and Calls The loud and clear whistle ensures your signals are heard by players and spectators alike. The attached lanyard keeps the whistle conveniently at hand. Enforce the Rules with Authority The kit includes a standard set of red and yellow cards for clear and official communication of fouls and cautions. Soccer Referee Kit: Key Features Durable vinyl wallet for secure equipment storage Referee pad for detailed game record keeping Pencil for easy note taking High-pitched whistle for clear communication Lanyard for convenient whistle access Standard red and yellow foul cards Frequently Asked Questions What size is the vinyl wallet? The vinyl wallet is a standard size designed to comfortably hold all the included refereeing equipment. Is the referee pad refillable? Yes, the referee pad uses standard-size notepads that can be easily replaced when full. What material are the foul cards made of? The foul cards are made from a sturdy cardstock material for long-lasting use. Become a refereeing pro and elevate your game management with the Soccer Referee Kit. Order yours today!
Elevate Your Refereeing Game with Pro Swivel Linesman Flags Ensure you're calling the shots clearly and efficiently with the Pro Swivel Linesman Flag Set. This top-of-the-line set empowers referees with everything they need to make confident calls on the field. Built to Last, Game After Game Heavy-Duty Material: Pro Swivel Flags are crafted from high-quality, long-lasting materials that can withstand the rigors of outdoor games, season after season. No more worrying about flimsy flags that tear or break easily. Custom Foam Handles: Maintain a firm grip and comfortable hold throughout the entire game with the ergonomically designed custom foam handles. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and focus on officiating with confidence. Advanced Swivel Design: Never get tangled up again! The innovative swivel design ensures your flags move freely, preventing them from getting wrapped around each other in the heat of the moment. Make Every Call Crystal Clear Official Flag Design: The flags feature the official checkered pattern with bold black borders for maximum visibility, guaranteeing your signals are seen by players and coaches alike. No room for confusion on the field. Convenient Carrying Case: Effortlessly transport your flags to and from games with the included custom carrying case. Keep your equipment organized and protected, ensuring you're always prepared to officiate. Available in Orange and Yellow: The industry-standard orange and yellow color scheme ensures clear communication on any field.  Pro Swivel Linesman Flag Set: Frequently Asked Questions What size are the flags?  Pro Swivel Flags are regulation size, meeting all official specifications. Is the carrying case included? Yes, the carrying case is included with the flag set for your convenience. Can I wash the flags? Yes, the flags can be hand-washed with mild soap and air-dried. Are these flags appropriate for what sport?  Pro Swivel Flags are ideal for a variety of sports with linesmen or assistant referees, including soccer, football, lacrosse, and more. With the Pro Swivel Linesman Flag Set, you'll be equipped to make confident calls and ensure a smooth-running game. Order yours today and experience the difference!
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Stay Hydrated, Stay Winning with the Water Bottle Carrier! Keeping your team hydrated during practice or on the sidelines is crucial for peak performance. But wrangling individual water bottles can be a hassle. Introducing the Water Bottle Carrier, the ultimate solution for easy team hydration! Effortless Transport for Your Team's Hydration Needs The Water Bottle Carrier is built to handle even the most enthusiastic teams. Constructed from strong, coated wire, this carrier can hold a whopping six 32-ounce (quart) or six 16-ounce (pint) water bottles, ensuring everyone stays hydrated throughout the game or practice. Here's what makes the Water Bottle Carrier a slam dunk: Effortless Transport: A comfortable carrying handle makes it easy to transport water bottles from one location to another, freeing you up to focus on coaching or cheering. Durable Construction: Coated wire construction ensures long-lasting performance, season after season. Holds All Your Bottles: Whether you prefer quart or pint-sized water bottles, the Carrier has you covered, accommodating up to six bottles at a time. Team Spirit Friendly: The clean white design allows for easy customization to match your team's colors (bottles not included). Imagine your team walking onto the court, not just hydrated, but organized and ready to dominate. The Water Bottle Carrier is the secret weapon your team needs to stay on top of their game! Frequently Asked Questions Q: How many water bottles can the carrier hold? A: The Water Bottle Carrier can hold up to six 32-ounce (quart) or six 16-ounce (pint) water bottles. Q: Is the carrier insulated? A: No, the Water Bottle Carrier is not insulated. Q: Can the carrier be customized with my team's logo? A: While the carrier itself is not customizable, the white design allows for easy personalization with stickers or decals to match your team's colors. Q: Are water bottles included? A: No, water bottles are not included with the Water Bottle Carrier. Get your Water Bottle Carrier today and keep your team hydrated for victory!
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Stay Hydrated On-The-Go with the Collapsible Water Bottle Carrier! Do you or your team struggle to transport multiple water bottles to practices, games, or even picnics? Look no further than the Collapsible Water Bottle Carrier! This innovative carrier is the perfect solution for staying hydrated on-the-go, offering a convenient and practical way to transport up to six quart-sized water bottles. Built to Last and Easy to Store The Collapsible Water Bottle Carrier is constructed from high-quality, hard plastic, ensuring it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Don't worry about flimsy materials that won't hold up – this carrier is built to last! But the best part? When not in use, the carrier cleverly collapses flat for compact and easy storage. No more bulky carriers taking up space in your car, closet, or pantry! Features and Benefits: Holds up to six quart-sized water bottles Constructed from durable, hard plastic Collapses flat for convenient storage Features a comfortable carrying handle with grip Stylish black color Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What size water bottles does the carrier hold? This carrier is designed to hold most standard quart-sized water bottles (approximately 32 ounces). Is the carrier insulated? No, the Collapsible Water Bottle Carrier is not insulated. How easy is it to collapse and unfold the carrier? The collapsible design is very user-friendly. With a simple press or pull, the carrier transitions between its open and closed positions. Can I clean the carrier? Absolutely! The hard plastic construction allows for easy cleaning with soap and water. Stay hydrated and make transporting water bottles a breeze with the Collapsible Water Bottle Carrier! Order yours today!
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Stay Hydrated Like a Champion with Water Bottle and Carrier Set Having a reliable way to stay hydrated is crucial, no matter if you're on the court, at the gym, or cheering on your favorite team. Water Bottle and Carrier Set is designed to keep you and your team conveniently hydrated throughout the day. Conquer Every Challenge with Superior Features: Large, One-Quart Capacity: Each BPA-free, medium-density polyethylene bottle holds a full quart of water, ensuring you stay hydrated during even the most intense activities. Comfort Grip and Germ-Reducing Lid: The non-slip grip makes it easy to hold onto your bottle, while the innovative push/pull lid lets you drink without touching the spout, reducing the spread of germs. High-Flow Hydration: The wide mouth opening allows for a refreshing high volume of water to flow, so you can quench your thirst quickly without having to stop and tip the bottle back too far. Ice Friendly Wide Mouth: The wide mouth design easily accommodates ice cubes, keeping your water icy cold on those hot days. Space-Saving Collapsible Carrier: The durable plastic carrier conveniently holds up to six bottles and collapses flat for easy storage when not in use. Available in Team Colors: Show your team spirit! Choose from clear or black colored bottles to match your team's colors. Water Bottle and Carrier Set is the perfect solution for athletes, sports teams, and anyone who wants a convenient way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Frequently Asked Questions: What material are the bottles made of? The bottles are made from BPA-free, medium-density polyethylene. How many bottles come in a set? Each set includes six bottles and one carrier. Do the bottles leak? The push/pull lids are designed to prevent leaks when properly closed. Are the carriers insulated? No, the carriers are not insulated. Can I customize the bottles with my team logo? offers custom water bottle carriers for teams. Please visit their website for more information.
Conquer Thirst with the Pro Squeeze Water Bottle Staying hydrated is crucial, no matter if you're conquering the court, hitting the gym, or simply tackling your day. But traditional water bottles can be bulky, inconvenient, and leave you thirsty when the spout gets grimy. The Pro Squeeze Water Bottle is the answer. This innovative bottle is designed with both performance and practicality in mind, making it your perfect hydration companion. Built to Last, Built to Hydrate The Pro Squeeze Water Bottle is crafted from high-quality, medium-density polyethylene. This material is known for its exceptional durability, ensuring your bottle can withstand even the most demanding activities. Key Features and Benefits: Durable, squeezable design: Made from medium-density polyethylene for long-lasting use. Optimal Hydration Capacity: Holds a full quart of water, keeping you hydrated throughout your workout or day. Comfortable, Secure Grip: Designed for a comfortable hold, even during intense activity. Leakproof Push/Pull Lid: Ensures a tight seal to prevent spills and keeps the spout clean when not in use. High-Flow Spout: Delivers a refreshing stream of water without requiring you to touch the spout itself. Wide Mouth Opening: Easily add ice cubes for an extra refreshing drink. Clear/Black color scheme: Stylish and complements any activewear. Pro Squeeze Water Bottle: Frequently Asked Questions What size is the bottle? The Pro Squeeze Water Bottle has a capacity of one quart (32 ounces). Is the bottle BPA-free? Yes, the Pro Squeeze Water Bottle is BPA-free and made from food-grade materials. Is the bottle dishwasher safe? Yes, the Pro Squeeze Water Bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe. Can I add ice to the bottle? Yes, the wide mouth opening allows you to easily add ice cubes for an extra refreshing drink. Order your Pro Squeeze Water Bottle today and experience the difference!
Lead Your Team to Victory with Captain's Armband! Take charge on the field and inspire your teammates with the official Captain's Armband! This eye-catching armband is more than just a symbol of leadership – it's a comfortable, adjustable accessory built for peak performance. Why Captain's Armband? Captain's Armband is designed to empower you on the court, field, or pitch. Clear Designation: The bold, imprinted "CAPTAIN" lettering leaves no doubt who's leading the team. Adjustable Comfort: The secure Velcro® closure ensures a perfect fit over any shirt sleeve, allowing for unrestricted movement. Universal Fit: One size truly fits all, thanks to the armband's adjustable design. Durable Construction: This armband is built to last, season after season. Show Your Colors: Choose from a classic red, white, and blue color scheme to represent your team spirit. Become a leader both on and off the field with Captain's Armband! Frequently Asked Questions What sports is this armband for? This armband is perfect for a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball, and more! Will this armband fit over bulky sleeves? The adjustable Velcro® closure allows for a comfortable fit over most shirt sleeves. How do I clean the armband? We recommend spot cleaning the armband with a mild detergent and air drying. Order your Captain's Armband today and lead your team to victory!
Captain Armband: Lead Your Team Like a Champion Every team needs a leader, and on the court, captains are the ones who guide their teammates to victory. Captain Armbands make it clear who's in charge, ensuring clear communication and boosting team morale. H3 Stand Out on the Court These armbands feature a bold "Captain" imprint that's easily recognizable from a distance. This lets teammates quickly identify their leader during the heat of the game, facilitating communication and keeping everyone on the same page. H3 Comfort and Universal Fit  Captain Armbands are crafted with a woven elastic material that provides a comfortable, non-slip fit for players of all ages and sizes. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a young athlete just starting out, these armbands will stay securely in place throughout the game. Built to Last  Captain Armbands are built to endure the rigors of competitive play. The high-quality materials and construction ensure long-lasting durability, so you can count on your armband to stay in top condition game after game.  Available in a Variety of Colors  Captain Armbands come in a range of colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black) to match your team's uniform or your personal preference. Choose the color that best reflects your team spirit or your individual style!  Frequently Asked Questions What sizes are available? Captain Armbands come in Adult and Youth sizes to fit players of all ages. What material are the armbands made from? The armbands are crafted from a woven elastic material that's comfortable, durable, and provides a secure fit. How do I care for the armband?  Captain Armbands are machine washable. Simply wash them on a cold cycle and hang them to dry. Lead your team to victory with the confidence and clarity that comes with Captain Armbands. Order yours today!