(Rental)-Snow Valley Basketball Camp: Individual Skill Development


(Rental)-Snow Valley Basketball Camp: Individual Skill Development

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Snow Valley Basketball School Presents: Individual Skill Development

Improve the individual basketball skills of your players with the help of the Snow Valley Basketball Camp. It is one of the premier camps in the nation featuring an outstanding group of experienced high school, college, and professional coaches. In this video, Drew Hanlen, an NBA/Elite College Skills Coach; Alan Stein, head strength and conditioning coach for Nike Elite and DeMatha Catholic HS; and Tates Locke, a former NBA and NCAA coach take you through a number of drills designed to improve players’ skills.

Ball Handling: Point Guards

Coach Hanlen emphasizes a hard dribble and helps points develop an offensive focus. Learn to use your body as a shield to seal off a defender and ride him to the basket. This also helps you ignore fouling and maintain your balance.

Acceleration/Deceleration Drills

Stein, a well-known basketball trainer, takes you through drills that help you take control of your acceleration and deceleration. You can really improve your game simply by increasing your change-of-direction speed, reaction time, and agility.

Balance and Resistance Training

Coach Stein takes you through an intense resistance training session. You will see a number of body resistance drills that will help you improve balance which helps in running, changing directions, backpedaling, sliding on defense, and jumping and landing. Each of these skills is valuable in the game of basketball.

Footwork Drills for Offensive Development

Coach Tate can help players improve their offensive game with his 8 Stages of Footwork Development. Coach Locke breaks down each state in detail and describes how this package will allow you to develop a go-to move and a counter move to keep defenders off balance. These drills are the same used by some of the NBA’s best.

Ball Handling: All Players

Coach Hanlen puts players through a grueling ball handling workout that features chairs on the floor to restrict a player’s space and ability to move. He also encourages defenders to foul to add more of a challenge. Hanlen teaches players the change of pace, dribbling with speed, and identifying ways to beat your defender.

Individual Player Development

Players will learn skills on both sides of the ball in this segment. A single drill may include facets of both offense and defense helping players develop multiple skill sets at the same time. Improve defensive shuffling, closeouts, passing, stepping into a jump shot, and much more. All of these drills can be done in a full team setting or with as few as two players.

Practice Session

In all, Coach Locke shows you 15 drills that focus on the basic fundamentals of basketball – dribbling, shooting, passing, etc. This segment gives you an idea of how you can coordinate your practice to get the most out of your players.

Snow Valley Basketball Camp provides players with all the critical fundamental and technical skills to become a top player at any level. Rent this Snow Valley basketball drills DVD today.

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