(Rental)-The Ultimate Match-up Zone


(Rental)-The Ultimate Match-up Zone

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The Ultimate Match-Up Zone

Hall of Fame coach Rollie Massimino used a multiple defensive system throughout his career that helped him win over 800 career games and a national championship in 1985 while at Villanova. One facet of Coach Massimino’s system was his match-up zone, which he presents in this video.

The matchup zone can morph from a trapping zone into a conventional 2-3 zone and, eventually, into a man-to-man defense. It is a system that is designed to confuse and slow down opposing offenses and allows the defense to control where the ball goes. Coach Massimino gives you an inside look into the matchup zone in this presentation.

Areas of the Court

Coach Massimino’s defense begins with a discussion of the court. He breaks the floor up into three different sections – Green, Red, and Yellow. Massimino then explains what can and what cannot happen in each of the three zones.

The discussion expands into the man-to-man defense, full-court pressure, and three traps that can be used in the Yellow zone. Thumbs, Thumbs Up, and Slant are all demonstrated in a walkthrough session.

Switching Defenses

One of the keys for Massimino was the different looks that he presented to an opponent. In this segment, Coach Massimino breaks down his multiple defensive system in the quarter-court where the defense starts as a 1-1-3. It looks like a 1-3-1, but it is completely different.

Within this zone look, Coach Massimino teaches how you can continue the aggressive trapping that he uses in the full-court. Again, he shows you how to take the defense and morph it into a 2-3 zone or a man-to-man defense.

If you have interest in learning more about full-court pressure, Coach Massimino was one of the masters. This defensive system will definitely change the momentum of your game. Rent this match-up zone DVD today.

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