Rick Torbett - Creator of the Better Basketball Videos

We have a large selection of Coach Rick Torbett DVDs for rent.  From his Better Basketball instructional series to the Read &  React Offense you can rent them all from HoopsKing.  Rick Torbett started with the Better Basketball instructional series videos which started with the Better Ball Handling DVD.  From there the Better Shooting DVD was release.  Rick went on to release Better Passing, Better Defense, Better 1 on 1 Offense, Better Post Play, and even Better Free Throw Shooting.  The Better Basketball videos are known for being very in depth and detailed.  Most of them are well over 2 hours long so there is lots to learn from Coach Rick Torbett.

Rick Torbett - Creator of the Read and React Offense Videos

Coach Rick Torbett is the creator of the Read & React Offense.  The React & React Offense is a positionless basketball offense meaning any player can play any position.  The offense consists of 20 layers of basketball actions.  These actions are laid out in a fashion so that once your team masters one layer you can introduce the next layer.  Most teams don't use all 20 layers so you can use whatever works for your team and their skill level.  With 20 layers there a lots of options for you as a coach.  This is a good offense to use and teach players how to play instead of making them robots running plays.

Rick Torbett - Creator of Dynamic Defense Video Series

Coach Rick Torbett also create the Dynamic Defense series which teaches team defense.  It's a very thorough look at man to man defense and uses terminology to help your players better understand how to play good tough team man to man defense.  Rent Rick Torbett DVDs today.


(Rental)-Better Ball Handling
Rick Torbett (Rental)-Better Ball Handling $17.99
Mastering the Art of Better Ball Handling: Unlock Your Dribbling Potential Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Better Ball Handling, a transformative program designed to enhance your team's dribbling skills and elevate their performance on the basketball court. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Better Ball Handling, providing you with expert insights, advanced techniques, and detailed breakdowns to help your team become exceptional ball handlers. Whether you're a coach, player, or basketball enthusiast, this guide is your key to unlocking the full potential of Better Ball Handling. Understanding Better Ball Handling Better Ball Handling is a specialized program developed by basketball experts that focuses on improving dribbling skills, control, and creativity. It emphasizes the importance of ball control, quickness, and versatility in creating scoring opportunities and maintaining offensive flow. By implementing the principles of Better Ball Handling, your team can gain a significant advantage by becoming more confident and effective ball handlers. Key Principles of Better Ball Handling 1. Fundamentals of Dribbling Better Ball Handling places a strong emphasis on mastering the fundamentals of dribbling. This includes techniques such as stationary dribbling, change of pace, crossover dribbles, between-the-legs dribbles, and behind-the-back dribbles. Players learn to maintain control of the ball while executing these moves with precision and accuracy. 2. Ball Control and Hand-Eye Coordination Better Ball Handling focuses on developing superior ball control and hand-eye coordination. Players engage in drills and exercises that enhance their ability to handle the ball in various situations, maintain control under pressure, and execute precise dribbling movements. Improved ball control allows players to navigate through defenses, create space, and set up scoring opportunities. 3. Dribbling in Game-Like Situations Better Ball Handling incorporates game-like situations and realistic scenarios into training sessions. Players practice dribbling under pressure, navigating through defenders, and making quick decisions with the ball. By simulating game situations, players develop the ability to apply their dribbling skills effectively in actual game scenarios. Implementing Better Ball Handling To successfully implement Better Ball Handling, teams must focus on key strategies and techniques. Let's explore some of the essential elements that will enhance your team's dribbling abilities: 1. Skill Development Drills Design skill development drills that target specific aspects of ball handling, such as dribbling speed, control, and advanced moves. Incorporate stationary dribbling drills, cone drills, dribble weave exercises, and game-like dribbling challenges. These drills allow players to develop a wide range of dribbling skills and build confidence in their ball-handling abilities. 2. Game Simulation and Decision Making Integrate game simulation activities into your training sessions to provide players with practical experience in dribbling under pressure. Organize controlled scrimmages or game-like situations where players can apply their dribbling skills in real-time, making quick decisions and reacting to defensive pressure. This enhances their ability to handle the ball effectively while maintaining control and making smart decisions. 3. Weak Hand Development Emphasize the development of players' weak hand dribbling skills. Encourage equal practice and attention to both the dominant and non-dominant hand. By strengthening their weak hand, players become more ambidextrous, making them harder to defend and opening up new dribbling opportunities on the court. 4. Ball-Handling Challenges Incorporate ball-handling challenges into your training regimen to enhance players' dribbling skills and creativity. These challenges can include dribbling through tight spaces, dribbling while performing agility exercises, and incorporating  advanced dribbling moves into game-like situations. By incorporating these challenges, players develop the ability to handle the ball in difficult circumstances and improvise when facing defensive pressure. The Benefits of Better Ball Handling Implementing Better Ball Handling offers numerous benefits that can elevate your team's performance and enhance their overall gameplay. Let's explore some key advantages: 1. Enhanced Dribbling Skills Better Ball Handling enhances players' dribbling skills, making them more confident and effective ball handlers. By focusing on the fundamentals, ball control, and game-like situations, players develop a wider range of dribbling moves and techniques. This improved dribbling ability allows players to navigate through defenses, create scoring opportunities, and make precise passes. 2. Improved Offensive Flow Better Ball Handling contributes to improved offensive flow. Players with strong dribbling skills can break down defenses, penetrate the lane, and collapse the defense, creating open shots for themselves and their teammates. The ability to maintain control of the ball and make quick decisions enhances ball movement and increases scoring chances for the team. 3. Increased Versatility and Creativity Better Ball Handling fosters versatility and creativity in players' dribbling repertoire. By mastering advanced dribbling moves and developing ambidexterity, players become more unpredictable and difficult to guard. This versatility allows players to adapt to different defensive strategies, exploit mismatches, and create scoring opportunities with their dribbling skills. 4. Enhanced Confidence and Decision Making Better Ball Handling improves players' confidence in handling the ball under pressure. Through practice in game-like situations, players develop the ability to make quick decisions, react to defensive pressure, and maintain control of the ball. This enhanced confidence leads to better decision making on the court, reducing turnovers and increasing the team's overall offensive efficiency. 5. Defensive Benefits Better Ball Handling not only improves offensive capabilities but also contributes to better defense. Players with strong dribbling skills are better equipped to handle defensive pressure, evade traps, and make accurate outlet passes. This enables the team to transition quickly from defense to offense and disrupt opponents' defensive strategies. Conclusion Better Ball Handling is a transformative program that enhances dribbling skills, control, and creativity. By implementing the key principles, strategies, and techniques outlined in this guide, you will equip your team with the tools necessary to elevate their ball handling and overall performance. Remember, mastering Better Ball Handling requires practice, repetition, and a commitment to continuous improvement. So, embrace the art of better ball handling, unlock your team's full potential, and watch as their improved dribbling skills transform your offense into a dynamic, unstoppable force. The path to basketball excellence starts with better ball handling!
Rick Torbett (Rental)-READ & REACT OFFENSE DISC 1: BIG PICTURE $19.99
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