(Rental)-Wide Receiver Drills Dvd(johnson)


(Rental)-Wide Receiver Drills Dvd(johnson)

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Features & Benefits

  • Use these wide receiver drills in your football practice and workouts.
  • Common errors and corrective measures for large receivers
  • Take advantage of the strengths of your receivers
Curtis Johnson, Tulane University's Head Coach
former New Orleans Saints Wide Receivers Coach,
Former University of Miami Wide Receiver Coach

Coach Johnson shows wide receiver drills to improve finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination. He also demonstrates proper stance, start, and stance. Johnson demonstrates correct techniques and points out common mistakes while Johnson explains how to catch the ball. This video will cover wide receiver drills such as the curl, in,out, fade, post and stop & go. It also covers fly, streak, comeback, and curl routes. These drills emphasize the importance of the stance, and begin by taking into consideration the receiver's strengths. Johnson uses cone drills in order to lower the receiver’s center of gravity, improve receiver's maneuverability, turn and speed. This DVD shows how to beat the media coverage using a variety release moves, including stutter, hard inside, hands and speed-off. Film clips show each move and their effectiveness in increasing game speed. These drills are excellent to include in football practice and receiver training.

30 minutes. 2003.

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