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Do you want the best basketball rebounding drills so that your team will grab all the rebounds on both offense & defense?  Our basketball rebounding drills DVDs feature the top College coaches in the game and you can be assured you will learn the best way to not only teach the skill of rebounding but what the best drills are for learning to rebound effectively.

The rebounding drills on our Rental DVDs will feature 1 on 1,  2 on 2, all the way up to 5 on 5 rebounding.  Most of the drills show will have a competitive side to them so that you can really challenge your players in practice.

All the Best Basketball Rebounding Drills DVDs

We suggest renting several Rebounding Drills DVDs so that you can see how different coaches teach rebounding to their teams.  Watch the best coaches in action and then take what fits you and your team and take it right to the court with your team.

Rebounding is about being competitive, toughness, and effort and doing some rebounding drill everyday will help ingrain these qualities into your players.  Use the competitive rebounding drills to have winners and losers in the drill.  You can make the losers run, do pushups, or whatever.  The next time you do the drills, the competitiveness will start to come through because real players won't want to lose especially day after day.

You can use the scoring systems in the basketball rebounding drills DVDs or modify them to work for your team. Tom Izzo's Rebounding DVD has been a long time favorite so be sure to check that one out.

By learning from the best coaches you will easily surpass other coaches in your league when it comes to teaching the game of basketball.  Rent our basketball rebounding drills DVDs today.

Rebounding & Mental Toughness Drills by Grey Giovanine Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Grey Giovanine (Rental)-Rebounding & Mental Toughness Drills $17.99
Mental Toughness Drills & Rebounding Drills “When the ball is in the air, the war begins,” is the motto of Augustana College (IL) head coach Grey Giovanine. Placing an emphasis on rebounding has been one of the keys to success for Giovanine and Augustana. Coach Giovanine’s teams have won the last five straight CCIW regular season and conference tournament championships. Last season, Giovanine was crowned the 2019 Basketball Times Coach of the Year. In this mental toughness drills video, Coach Giovanine uses the whiteboard, game film analysis, and on-court demonstrations to show you individual and team drills designed to develop rebounding positioning, technique, and toughness. Rebounding Philosophy You must perfect the fundamentals before rebounding skill will translate to game performance. Coach Giovanine outlines the various rebounding scenarios and his philosophy of gang-rebounding. His talking points include: Identifying the six rebounding scenarios and how players use proven techniques for each Understanding the statistical importance of offensive rebounding and how every offensive put-back increases shooting percentages by nearly 20 percent Explaining how charting rebounding in practice and awarding a “Chairman of the Boards” can increase motivation and incentive for players Defensive Rebounding Coach Giovanine demonstrates four drills designed to create game-like defensive rebounding situations. 3-on-3 Closeout Rebound Drill: challenges players to sprint out from the paint and make contact with their matchup Power Rebound Drill: learn how to neutralize a bigger player by creating a stand-off Superman Drill: helps develop a mindset of flying to the ball to secure a “range rebound” Triangle Rebound Drill: teaches players in help positions to find a rebounding matchup to deny offensive rebounds Offensive Rebounding Coach Giovanine shares three drills to practice offensive rebounding. The “Spin” and “Swim” techniques are taught to help post players gain position for an offensive rebound on the strong side block. The drills will help your players seal the weak side block for long rebounds. The Run to Rim Drill helps perimeter player prepare to beat a block out and steal some offensive rebounds. Coach Giovanine’s program is built on the mantra of “Defend, Rebound, and Run.” His teams have had great success because they have become an elite rebounding team. You can do the same with this in-depth video from one of Division III’s elite coaches. Rent this mental toughness drills DVD today.
25 Best Rebounding Drills by Dana Altman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dana Altman (Rental)-25 Best Rebounding Drills $17.99
25 Best Rebounding Drills The best of the best programs are normally very good rebounding teams. To build a tough, hard-nosed rebounding team, players must have proper technique and the right mindset. In this video, you will find a collection of some of the best rebounding drills from some of the best coaches in the game of basketball. Dana Altman was the 2015 Pac-12 Coach of the Year at the University of Oregon. Coach Altman presents his Morningside drill where players work on 1-on-1 skills, closeouts, and rebounding. Altman makes the drill competitive with a number of different scoring methods and alignments. You will also see seven super-competitive drills that build rebounding toughness from Indiana University Northwest assistant coach Michael Lang. Included is a competitive 3-on-3 drill that challenges undersized players to become more physical rebounders. To speed up the offense, Coach Lang demonstrates the Catch It, Chin It, and Pivot drill which starts the fast break. Best Rebounding Drills from Tom Izzo Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo takes his players through four rebounding drills starting with the Dummy Avoid O-Board drill where players work on moves to get past a defender for an offensive rebound. Then, there is Izzo’s famous War Drill, a 5-on-5 competitive, full-court scrimmage that emphasizes rebounding. Tad Boyle, the head coach at Colorado, presents the 3-on-4 Contest drill. Players are challenged to anticipate, communicate, contest a shot, then block out and secure a rebound against four players on offense. NBA Skills Trainer Rob McClanaghan works to improve players’ reaction time and explosiveness to the ball when grabbing a rebound in the O-Board Reaction drill. If you are looking for specifics on block out technique, Northern Iowa head coach Ben Jacobson offers a number of great teaching points when he shows you the Numbers Rebounding drill. Players must close out to the ball, contest the shot, and block out to secure a rebound. Former Texas A&M head coach Billy Kennedy demonstrates two drills – Turn and Box and 2-on-2 Help Side Rebounding – to improve your team’s rebounding skills. Turn and Box gives players quick repetitions on improving their box out technique. The other drill focuses on help side defenders adjusting their positioning as the ball moves around the court. On a shot, players can still make a great block out and grab a rebound. Former Xavier and Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser teaches the fundamentals for successful team rebounding philosophy and shares methods for making successful rebounding a source of pride in your program. Rebounding is critical to any basketball program. Successful rebounding helps limit opponents’ shots and can give a team extra opportunities to score. The best rebounding drills presented in this video from the game’s elite coaches can help you create a mindset of toughness and build better rebounders. Rent the Best Rebounding Drills DVD today.
Rebounding & Defending The Pick & Roll by Tom Izzo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Izzo (Rental)-Rebounding & Defending The Pick & Roll $15.99
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Game Winning Rebounding Techniques & Unstoppable Press Break Offense by Tubby Smith Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tubby Smith (Rental)-Game Winning Rebounding Techniques & Unstoppable Press Break Offense $18.99
Tubby Smith: Game-Winning Rebounding Techniques & Unstoppable Press Break Offense Two facets of today’s game – rebounding and press break offense – are critical in determining a team’s success. High Point University head coach Tubby Smith offers up drills for both in this video. Smith, one of just two NCAA head coaches to ever lead five different teams to the NCAA tournament, shares a wealth of information that can help your program develop an identity as a strong rebounding team. Smith also shares his press break principles versus both man and zone defenses. Rebounding Drills Coach Smith does an outstanding job of showing you how you can win the possession battle on both ends of the floor. You will see breakdowns of both offensive and defensive rebounding techniques. Coach Smith shows you how to use the hip to gain an advantage over an opponent, especially when you’ve been boxed out in the key. Rebounding in a free throw situation is also discussed and Smith provides three different techniques for success. You will see how players can use both feet as pivots when they box out. This allows players to focus on their man and puts them in a position where they can see the ball and get it. After the rebound, players are also taught how to outlet the ball to get their team in transition. Coach Smith also can help you turn up the competition in practice. He will show you how to make players compete. A number of drills are taught where players must keep score to determine clear winners and losers. This amps up the practice speed. Press Break Offense Breaking the press can be done from the same initial press break set. Coach Smith shows you how and includes multiple options out of that same set. He reviews proper spacing and positioning for all players. This will help your team easily beat any type of press. Emphasizing rebounding and the press break have helped Smith’s teams through the years maximize the number of possessions in a game. The better you are at these two skills, the more scoring opportunities your team will have and, ultimately, more success.
Championship Rebounding by Jamy Belcher Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jamy Belcher (Rental)-Championship Rebounding $15.99
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Defense & Rebounding Drills by Tom Izzo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Izzo (Rental)-Defense & Rebounding Drills $19.99
Tom Izzo Defense & Rebounding Drills Michigan State under head coach Tom Izzo has been one of the premier basketball programs in the nation for the past decade-plus. Izzo’s teams have won 11 combined Big Ten regular season and tournament championships and have made seven Final Four appearances. Izzo’s Spartans are known for their physical, intense style of play that includes aggressive man-to-man defense and an emphasis on rebounding. In this video, Coach Izzo shares his “Defense Wins Championships” approach to the Michigan State program. You will see whiteboard sessions, a live practice session, and a unique look inside Izzo’s defense through interview segments with the Spartans coach. Coach Izzo also explains his program’s philosophy of team defense including transition defense, his approach to rebounding, and the six-eye approach to defensive positioning in the half court. Live Practice Session Watch as Coach Izzo puts his players through 10 practice drills that help build the Spartans man-to-man defense. Each breakdown drill gets players numerous reps and builds the foundational defensive principles needed. The drills include: Jump to the Ball and Negaunee Drills: Players work on defensive positioning, pressuring the ball, and denying cutters. Three Man DHO Switching Drill: Teaches two strategies for defending dribble handoffs Pin Down & Flares Drill: Teaches strategies for defending common off-ball screens Beat and Belt Drill: Challenges players to deny flash cuts to the high post and adjust to stop the back cut There is also a whiteboard segment where Coach Izzo shows you a couple versions of his Shell Drill. On-court demonstration is added to show each layer of the drill. Defending Ball Screens Coach Izzo provides you with a number of options for countering the talents of your opponents. The Ball Screens drill focuses on the two defenders involved in the screen action and helps them refine their technique. The Continuous Ball Screens drill gets the entire team reps working on defending ball screens. Players work on defending shooters off the dribble, drivers, and stretch 4s and 5s. Rebounding and Transition Defense Coach Izzo uses the whiteboard and on-court demonstration to show you his two favorite rebounding drills. They are two versions – 2-on-2 and 5-on-5 – of his famous War Drill. The session ends with a 6-on—5 defensive scrimmage. As you will see throughout the entire video, Coach Izzo works to instill a tough, hard-nosed mentality into all of his players. The concepts and practices presented are proven and can help any program improve its team defense. Rent this rebounding drills DVD today.
Competitive Rebounding & Defense Drills by Holly Warlick Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Holly Warlick (Rental)-Competitive Rebounding & Defense Drills $17.99
Competitive Rebounding Drills, Defense & Transition Drills Holly Warlick took over for the legendary Pat Summit at the University of Tennessee and went on to win over 70 percent of her games. A former three-time All-American for Coach Summit at Tennessee, Warlick knows tough defense and aggressive rebounding are part of a winning formula. In this video, she shares some of the drills she used to help the Volunteers dominate the boards and spark their transition game. Coach Warlick demonstrates four competitive rebounding drills that are directly responsible for Tennessee’s aggressive rebounding style. The drills are all game-like and simulate a specific aspect of rebounding. One works on sprinting out of help position to box out. Another works on securing a defensive rebound and pushing the ball to half-court in less than two seconds. The War Drill To help gain an understanding of rebounding as a team effort, Warlick demonstrates the War Drill. Players start from a disadvantaged state and ultimately work up to a 5-on-5 competitive situation. The drill focuses on competitive rebounding and flowing into the transition offense in the hopes of obtaining quick scoring opportunities. The Persistence Drill A team of three is forced to continually defend a rotating group of two offenses for a period of 30 seconds before being allowed to exit the drill. Any score or offensive rebound restarts the clock. The drill helps to instill a “never-give-up” mindset. Players learn quickly not to let each other down when on defense. The Transition Drill As it sounds, the Transition Drill is one that helps develop both transition offense and defense. Players compete in a 5-on-5 scrimmage drill that forces players to communicate and react quickly to obtain their goals. This is one of the staple drills that have been part of Tennessee basketball for a long time. Like her predecessor, Coach Warlick used these drills to build toughness in her teams. The drills become part of the daily regimen to winning and they also help to develop the fundamentals and attitude a team needs to excel in playing defense. Rent this competitive rebounding drills DVD today.
(Rental)-The Rebounder
David Thorpe (Rental)-The Rebounder $15.99
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12 Competitive Rebounding Drills by Kermit Davis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kermit Davis (Rental)-12 Competitive Rebounding Drills $15.99
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Rebounding Drills & Basketball Wisdom by Jim Calhoun Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jim Calhoun (Rental)-Rebounding Drills & Basketball Wisdom $17.99
The legendary status of Coach Calhoun is due to his dedication to coaching. This DVD will show you how rebounding can help you win basketball games. Every Calhoun practice has a common thread: rebounding, defense, and toughness. You can incorporate his six fundamentally-based rebounding drills into your practice to achieve amazing results on the boards. Calhoun shares his secrets for footwork, strength and leverage, as well as the ability to make missed shots explode. These are the keys to making your practices more competitive and productive. Calhoun's philosophy of practice is based on drill selection and practice planning. This can make any coach more effective. Calhoun offers his thoughts on practice enthusiasm, timeouts and late game situations. You can learn from a Hall of Famer to become the best rebounding team possible. 78 minutes. 2009.
Rebounding & Out Of  Bounds Plays by James Jones Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
James Jones (Rental)-Rebounding & Out Of Bounds Plays $17.99
Rebounding Drills and Out-of-Bounds Sets With so much emphasis on scoring and on-ball defense, rebounding drills often gets overlooked as a skill that can directly contribute to success. Too many coaches assume rebounding is a skill only a few players possess. Coaches at all levels find it difficult to find ways to improve rebounding on both ends of the court. In this video, Yale University head coach James Jones takes you through drills that have helped his team become one of the best in the country. Rebounding has helped Jones earn two Ivy League Coach of the Year awards and four league championships in his 20 years at the school. You will also see eight must-have inbounds plays, including one you can use with just one second remaining on the clock. Offensive Rebounding Technique Coach Jones presents four individual rebounding drills to improve the skill of offensive rebounding. Players are taught three techniques: Spin move: a basic maneuver to get away and get the basketball Swim move: used when a player blocking out is stepping toward the offensive rebounder Walk underneath move: used by post players who are blocked out by a player facing the basket Jones also covers the “tap-out” which is used when an offensive rebounder cannot control the ball with two hands. Players are taught to simply tap the ball back out to a teammate who can secure the rebound. Team Rebounding Drills Coach Jones shows you seven team rebounding drills designed to help your players become elite level rebounders. The “three in a row” concept is shares to make rebounding competitive and help players stay focused on rebounding. Other drills and concepts include: A unique take on Tom Izzo’s War Rebounding Drill with a slight change to include offensive and defensive transition How to teach rebounding in transition to limit an opponent’s offensive rebounding capabilities How to get your team to communicate and rebound while also working on closing out to a shooter Out of Bounds Plays Coach Jones demonstrates a series of baseline inbounds plays from a 1-4 set. You will see a play you can run against zone defenses that works from two different alignments. Also included are two corner inbound plays and a sideline inbound play that can be used in an end-of-game situation. When facing zone defenses on a baseline inbound situation, Coach Jones shows you a play that can be run from a box or line formation and has four options. The package of out-of-bounds plays is completed with one from Jones and the second from Mike Jarvis. This video addresses two areas that are extremely important to overall success – rebounding and the ability to score easy baskets. Rent this rebounding drills DVD today.
Daily Drills To Improve Team Rebounding by Michael Lang Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Michael Lang (Rental)-Daily Drills To Improve Team Rebounding $19.99
Daily Rebounding Drills to Improve Team Rebounding Teams that can consistently win the rebounding battle are normally consistent winners. Michael Lang, former assistant coach at Urban Prep Academy and Englewood HS in Illinois, believes practicing the right habits on a daily basis is the key to improving rebounding skills. In this on-court presentation, Coach Lang shows you the keys to rebounding success and the practice drills he uses to help his teams dominate the boards. Keys to Rebounding The presentation begins with Coach Lang’s five keys to rebounding success. A clear of understanding of each of these is essential to becoming a better rebounding team. The first key is simply “Your will vs. My will” and expresses the idea that any player can simply outrebound their opponent if they want it more. Coach Lang tries to instill the belief in his players that they can and will get rebounds. This simple idea is the foundation on which great rebounders can be built. Rebounding Drills Coach Lang teaches a number of drills all designed to improve technique and a physical mindset needed to be a great rebounder. The drills have many variations to help players develop their rebounding skills as well as their ability to finish at the rim. Closeout, Box Out and Slap and Slide Drills: helps improve box out technique Rebounds Game: players work on rebounding in mismatch situations in a live 3-on-3 competition Catch It, Chin It, Pivot Drill: a progressive drill that works to improve finishes at the rim through contact The War and Two vs. One Drills: these drills for players to be aggressive and make contact with opponents on box outs and help you find out who your toughest players are Total Workout Rebound Drill: five different variations of this drill help your players improve outlet passes, advance passes up the floor in transition, and find ways for posts to score on the fast break If you want to challenge your players to be better rebounders with sound, fundamental technique, Coach Lang’s drills are a great place to start. His drills are fun and competitive and can help any coach at any level train players to be more aggressive rebounders. Rent this rebounding drills DVD today.
Over 30 Team Rebounding by Winning Hoops Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Winning Hoops (Rental)-Over 30 Team Rebounding $15.99
The battle of the boards is a great way to build a championship team. This DVD is from the Winning Hoops The "Best-of the-Best" series will give you the best rebounding drills by some of the most respected college and high school coaches in the country. These team rebounding drills, which are hard-nosed and well-practiced, will make your team's rebounding more fun. You'll get highly effective drills such as the 3-man rebounding war, the weak-side rebounding drill, the triangle box-out, rebound-to-transition drill, the 7-point rebounding game, the "banger' offensive-rebounding drill, the "rebounding pit," the 1-on-1 rebounding challenge, the downscreen box-out drill, circle rebounding, 5-player rebounding drill, 4-on-3 rebounding, braveheart rebounding and much more! 76 minutes. 2007.
Competitive Rebounding Drills by Skip Prosser Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Skip Prosser (Rental)-Competitive Rebounding Drills $15.99
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