(Rental)-Running Your Offense Through The Post


(Rental)-Running Your Offense Through The Post

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Basketball Post Plays : Running Your Offense Through the Post

One of the most overlooked parts of today’s game of basketball is basketball post plays. Some say it’s a lost art, but Gonzaga head coach Mark Few has used a strategy that uses big men in transition and has been very successful. In fact, Few has led Gonzaga to 20 straight NCAA tournament appearances, nine Sweet Sixteen appearances, three Elite Eights, and one trip to the national championship.

In this video, Few details how he uses post players in his offense, which is typically one of the most efficient in the country on an annual basis. Few talks about a philosophy of offense built around strong post play, how to get the ball to the post in transition, and spacing the floor to create room for post players.

Secondary Break

Coach Few breaks down the progression of strategies he uses to get the ball inside in the secondary break. Few puts emphasis on getting the ball to the post for layups in transition. If that doesn’t happen, Few shows you how the point guard can read the post defender to make an easy scoring play. Also detailed is playing with two post players in a high-low formation. You will also see how Gonzaga flows right into their offense if the post is unable to get the ball.

Spacing the Floor

Gonzaga has had some of the more dominant post players in the nation and, as a result, faces a lot of opponents that try to double the post or help in the paint. Few stresses the spacing of perimeter players. Spacing makes helping and doubling the post much more difficult. You will see three strategies for spreading out shooters and preoccupying defenders.

Basketball Post Plays

Coach Few demonstrates seven set plays for getting the ball inside to your post player. Few runs one play early in games to determine how opponents are defending the post. You will see how one set overloads the defense and forces it to either give up a dunk or an open 3-point shot. Two pick and roll plays open up the post and keep defenses guessing. Throughout his discussion of these plays, Few adds counters and wrinkles you can use against defenses.

Coach Few’s strategies for post play can be a great addition to your option this season and in future seasons as well. Rent this basketball post plays DVD today.

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