Baylor Advanced Guard Workout


Baylor Advanced Guard Workout

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Point Guard

Just like upgrading your car with the latest features makes all the difference, enhancing your point guard's skills can dramatically improve your team's performance. The Baylor Advanced Guard Workout, crafted by Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew and Assistant Coach Mark Morefield, is designed to transform an average point guard into a standout player. This master course focuses on advanced drills and strategies that have set the cornerstone of Baylor Basketball's success.

Why Choose the Baylor Advanced Guard Workout?

  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Covers everything from ball screen actions to transition 3s, ensuring all-around improvement.
  • Proven Success: Created by coaches with a track record of producing NBA draft picks and transforming unranked recruits into lottery picks.
  • Exclusive Techniques: Learn the specific workouts and drills that have contributed to Baylor's consistent national ranking and postseason appearances.
  • Accessible Training: With free introductory sessions and detailed drill breakdowns, get started on enhancing your skills immediately.

Features & Benefits

  • Impactful Training Sessions: From warm-up shooting to inside out actions, each module is designed to elevate the guard's performance on the court.
  • Focused on Results: With a history of developing NBA-level talent, this course is tailored for ambitious players aiming for the top.
  • Easy to Follow: Clear, concise instructions and video demonstrations make it easier to understand and replicate the drills.
  • Continuous Improvement: The diverse range of drills ensures that players can continue to develop their skills over time.


Who is this workout for?
Whether you're a high school point guard looking to make a significant leap, a college player aiming for the pros, or a coach seeking to develop your team's talent, this course is designed for you.

How long does the course take to complete?
The course is self-paced, allowing participants to progress through the modules as quickly or slowly as they wish. With over 20 different drills and techniques covered, players are encouraged to revisit sessions for continuous improvement.

Can I access the course on multiple devices?
Yes, once you enroll in the Baylor Advanced Guard Workout, you can access the course materials from any device, making it easy to train wherever you are.

Embark on the journey to transforming your game today with the Baylor Advanced Guard Workout. Upgrade your skills, elevate your performance, and become the point guard every team dreams of having.

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