The Dematha Flex Offense by Mike Jones Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Mike Jones: The DeMatha Flex Offense One of the nation’s top high school programs, DeMatha Catholic in Maryland, has continued its tradition of winning under head coach Mike Jones, who is nearing almost 20 years with the school since taking over for the legendary Morgan Wooten. Jones’ and DeMatha’s success has come from the coach’s unique twist on the ever-popular and effective Flex offense. With over 400 wins and a national championship to his credit, Jones uses on-court demonstrations to show you the basics of the traditional Flex offense as well as some of his modern twists. Jones breaks down the instruction into easy-to-follow steps to make it easy for players of all skill levels to follow. Like other Flex coaches, Jones emphasizes correct spacing, proper positioning, and patience when using the offense to generate scoring opportunities. DeMatha Flex Offense Drills Coach Jones begins by walking you through practice drills designed to get players flowing naturally in the Flex offense. For example, Jones shows you a 2-on-2 breakdown drill where he teaches the proper techniques for setting and executing the flex screen. Jones also reviews some individual drills that can be used to improve shooting from different areas on the floor. The idea, of course, is to develop versatile players who can score from anywhere on the floor regardless of their position. DeMatha Flex Offense Counters No offense wins all the time. Jones shares four different counter measures for beating defenses trying to stop the Flex. These measures are designed to get ball handlers to the rim, use back door cuts, and a variety of screens. Coach Jones shows three counters to use when wing passes are being denied. You get to see each counter measure in a live 5-on-5 situation against defensive pressure. At the end of the 78-minute video, Coach Jones offers up four effective options for generating post-up opportunities and spot-up jumpers. He will also show you how to create and exploit defensive mismatches. Coach Jones is one of the best at the high school level and his video is one of the best available for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the Flex offense. Rent the DeMatha Flex Offense DVD today.
Pressure Defense: Traps, Run & Jump, & Diamond Press by Mike Jones Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Pressure Defense Basketball Video: Traps, Run & Jump, and Diamond Press Radford University head coach Mike Jones has used pressure defense basketball traps to help find success. Radford won the Big South Tournament in 2018, earned a trip to the NCAA tournament, and Jones was named the conference coach of the year. In this video, Jones discusses the keys to good traps, the run and jump press, and the Diamond press. He also includes drills that help to increase tempo and create turnovers. Goals of a Pressing Defense Before he breaks down the different presses he has used, Jones talks about what he wants from the pressure defense. These include: Creating turnovers as often as possible Forcing quick and bad shots Forcing tempo and disrupting flow Being difficult to prepare for Making the offense uncomfortable and tired Making offensive depth a factor Trapping Fundamentals For pressure defense basketball traps to be successful, players must know how to trap. Coach Jones wants traps to be elastic meaning the trap must contain the ball handler and not allow him/her to get out of the trap with a pivot. Jones also addresses “not breaking the glass” as a way to teach how to not foul. Jones uses a 3-on-3 trapping drill to teach rotations in and out of traps as well as trapping fundamentals. 3-on-3 Circle Trap uses two trappers and an interceptor who reads the eyes of the ball handler. “Roose Stunting” is taught in a 3-on-3 situation with off-ball defenders executing stunts. Man-to-Man Run & Jump The run and jump pressure starts with the “mad man,” or on-ball defender. Other defenders remain one-third of the way between their man and the ball waiting to stunt or trap. With the trap set, Jones covers the responsibilities of the other defenders. The interceptor plays between the three nearest receivers and reads the eyes of the ball handler. You will also hear how players are to react to passes out of traps. 1-2-1-1 Full-Court Press The 1-2-1-1 or Diamond Press starts by inviting the ball to the “coffin corner” where a trap can be made immediately. Once trapped, the interceptor then reads the eyes of the ball handler in an attempt to get a deflection or steal. The Diamond press is designed to increase the tempo of a game and create turnovers that lead to easy baskets. Jones finishes the presentation by going over adjustments, the role of the baseline runner, and an how to defend the reversal pass. If you want to make offenses uncomfortable, Coach Jones video is for you. Rent this pressure defense basketball DVD today.
All Access: Dematha Catholic Basketball by Mike Jones Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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