(Rental)-Becoming A Champion: The Kicker


(Rental)-Becoming A Champion: The Kicker

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Features & Benefits

  • Get better at Football coaching
  • Mike McCabe - Learn from Mike!
  • Your team can reach new heights!
  • To be the best, learn from the best.
With Todd Sievers and Mike McCabe
One-on-One Kicking

One on One Kicking is a great option for anyone who wants to be a top-notch kicker. Larry Coker, University of Miami

McCabe and Sievers show drills and techniques to help you reach the next level. These drills will help you develop the skills that will make your place-kicker a success. You will learn the proper stance, footwork and approach to ensure that you make contact with the ball. Drills are also included for directional kickoffs, which increase hang-time, get the ball off quickly, as well as adding power and accuracy in your field goals. McCabe, Sievers also provide a breakdown of film to help you apply these fundamentals in game situations. These drills and techniques will help you be the best kicker possible by incorporating them into your training.

61 minutes. 2004.

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