(Rental)-Speeding Up Your Basketball Offensive Transition


(Rental)-Speeding Up Your Basketball Offensive Transition

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Speeding Up Your Offensive Transition

TCU head coach Jamie Dixon’s teams are known for their high level of effort and toughness. Coach Dixon has studied statistics and efficiency ratings in order to develop a transition offense that makes a difference. In this video, he explains the basics of his transition game, how he looks to put players in the best positions possible on the floor, and how his team’s score early in their possessions.


With a rebound in hand, your team immediately goes on the offensive. Players must be taught to run wide quickly and stretch a defense. It helps when players can play any spot in the transition offense as this can create mismatches in the open floor. Coach Dixon shows you how your point guard and post can team up to use any number of screening angles to score as long as your wings get wide and to the baseline.

Attacking the Defense

In order to attack defenses, you must know what an opponent will do to counter your transition game. Coach Dixon demonstrates a number of scoring options with the post and point guard. You will see a step up screen, a drag screen, and a hit-ahead wing screen where your players can attack the paint quickly to put the defense in a mismatch situation.


To help his players make better decisions in the open court, Coach Dixon loves to use advantage/disadvantage drills. You will see 3-on-2 and 5-on-4 drills that put post players in situations where they have to figure out where is the best screen. As a result, the offense keeps the defense moving and unbalanced giving your team the opportunity to find success in the open court.

Coach Dixon continues to elevate his program’s game in transition. His video gives you the tools necessary to do the same in your program. If your team can run the floor correctly and keep a defense moving and unbalanced, the opportunity to score more points and get more wins will come.

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