Encyclopedia of Dribble Moves (aka Streets to the Courts)

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Encyclopedia of Dribble Moves (aka Streets to the Courts)

$24.99 $39.99 -38% OFF
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Jason Otter's Encyclopedia of Dribble Moves (aka Streets to the Courts) is the ultimate dribble moves video.  Jason starts by breaking down each move in detail.  He explains body position and footwork in relation to the defense.  So you will understand how to effectively beat your defender with the move.  Next, you will practice the specific dribble for the move while moving up and down the court.  The final step is to practice the move full speed.  Jason has set you up to succeed by teaching the moves in these 3 pieces instead of jumping to practicing it at full speed right from the start.

Jason covers these dribble moves with variations of each move for a total of just under 40 total moves:

  • Crossovers
  • Between the Legs
  • Behind the Back
  • Spins
  • Stutters
  • In & Outs

What The Boss Says

Chris Hungerford HoopsKing.com

Chris Hungerford

HoopsKing.com CEO

Streets to the Courts is one of the first DVDs we produced and it is still the best dribble moves video I've seen.  Jason did such a tremendous job in breaking down each move and then building up to learning the moves so it becomes easier to actually learn them with good fundamentals.  One mistake we made was calling it "Streets to the Courts" as I think that scared off some people thinking it was a streetball video.  We renamed it Encyclopedia of Dribbles moves because that better reflects the content of the video.  I always recommend this video to anyone who has a guard who wants to really get into beating their man off the dribble.  It's a great video and I highly recommend it.

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