(Rental)-The Michigan 1--3--1 Zone Defense And Drills


(Rental)-The Michigan 1--3--1 Zone Defense And Drills

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Learn the most modern and revolutionary rendition of the 1-3-1 zone defense from a man who knows it inside-out.

Dennis Felton was taught by John Beline how to run this innovative 1-3-1 defense. It is an incredible inside look at the inner workings and philosophy of a defense that few outside of the Beline coaching tree have been taught.

The basis of the 1-3-1 zone defense is to disrupt the offense but this DVD will take your 1-3-1 to the next level by giving it the ability to be your primary defense.

1-3-1 Zone Defense Philosophy and Responsibilities

The basic philosophy of the Michigan 1-3-1 zone defense is to restrict passing lanes, confuse offenses, and put incredible pressure on the decision making of the dribbler. These basic tenants will lead to steals and timely fast break buckets for your team.

Felton looks at each position and details the basics responsibilities and skills for each player. He also details the rotations and slides of each player that is used to confused the offense and anyone trying to scout your team. He also teaches techniques for taking away the high and low post while also creating more deflections and steals.

1-3-1 Zone Defense Drills

Felton shows how you can implement and teach the defense by using drills that break down each positions technique and responsibility. He shows how you would progress by using 5-on-5 and 6-on-5 drills. He also shows actual game footage to give you a better idea of the complexity and disruptive nature of this defense.

This is an incredibly innovative teaching technique and will make your 1-3-1 zone impossible to scout and prepare for. Rent this 1-3-1 Zone Defense DVD today.

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