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Greg Mark (Rental)-Defensive Line Drills Dvd(mark) $16.99
Features & Benefits Speed and agility are key components of your defensive line Create more turnovers with shed blocks Try new drills in your football practice Greg Mark Former University of Miami Defensive line Coach Coach Mark teaches football drills that he uses to build the speed, agility, and explosiveness necessary for defensive lineman. Step-by-step, the essential elements of dominating the line will be explained. Mark begins with the basics and moves up to the live blockers. He highlights the key points to each drill. He shows how to perform low-impact drills and full-contact drills. Drills that use bags, boards and sleds, chutes and cones, cones and hoops, as well as live blockers, emphasize getting off the line, explosion and shedding the block, tackle, and creating turnovers. These drills cover everything, from speed rush, bull, spin, and bull to the moves. You will need to be able to defend the offensive line and you will also need to learn how to read, do stunts, and combine them to improve your defensive unit. Mark teaches defensive drills that encourage an attacking, controlled style of defense. 55 minutes. 2003.