(Rental)-Zone Offense Attack - Continuity & Set Plays


(Rental)-Zone Offense Attack - Continuity & Set Plays

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Chris Mack: Zone Offense Attack – Continuity and Set Plays

Working against zone defenses can be extremely difficult at times. If you have been searching for a way to dismantle even the most aggressive zone defenses, your search is over. Louisville head coach Chris Mack shows you exactly how to destroy zone defenses scoring continually on layups and set plays. Mack attacked zone defenses in the Big East as the head coach at Xavier where his team was the 2018 conference champion and he was the Coach of the Year. In this video, you will see how Coach Mack instills an attack mentality into his players when they face zone defenses.

Coach Mack’s presentation includes drills, set offenses, baseline out of bounds plays, transition breaks, and other key offensive actions that are designed to make teams come out of their zone defense. What Coach Mack’s presentation is not is just a series of plays. It is more a guide of how to read and take advantage of the natural weaknesses found in all zone defenses.

Coach Mack does detail some of his set offenses. These include:

  • Carolina Wheel: This is a continuity zone offense that can be run against either side of the defense. The offense attacks the gray areas when you bring the wing up and also allows for the attacking of the short corner.
  • Flash: This is a two-guard front that works to get the ball into the key. The offense continually works to get open shots and high-low action for the post players.
  • Ball Screen the Zone: Coach Mack teaches how to ball screen zone defenses. Doing so forces the second defender out of their area and picks on players as they try and cover for one another. Bigs look to duck in and force the bottom defender to play wing and open the corner for a shot.
  • Baseline Out of Bounds: Coach Mack shows you two set plays that he uses in a baseline out of bounds scenario.

Coach Mack breaks down each play into its components, shows you the initial reads, and then shares any counters depending upon the type of shift in the zone defense. He will show you how to incorporate screen options and leverage player movement to pull defenders out of position and disrupt your opponent’s game plan. This is the video to help you improve your team’s effectiveness when playing against zone defenses.

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