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(Rental)-Spread Offense Basketball

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Spread Offense Basketball

When Brad Underwood was the head coach at Stephen F. Austin University in 2013-14, he took the Lumberjacks to the NCAA tournament. His team was the first in school history to ever earn a trip to the Big Dance and finished with a 32-3 record that year. One of the big reasons why was Underwood’s offense, a position-less continuity offense that stresses defenses with a lot of movement.

In this video, Coach Underwood shares his version of the spread offense, which has helped Underwood move on to Oklahoma State and then his current stop at Illinois. The offense gives the defense a multitude of different looks and the spacing, passing, and cutting helps create high percentage shots.

The Basics of the Spread Offense in Basketball

Coach Underwood starts off the presentation by reviewing the positioning of players on the floor and how they are to move once an entry pass is made. Where the entry occurs does not matter as two offensive players will always make hard basket cuts. Should they not get open for a high percentage shot, the offense then goes into a 2-man game. You will see Coach Underwood break down all of the cuts made to execute the offense.

Spread Offense Basketball Breakdown Drills

The way to ensure success with the spread offense is to stick to a regimen of daily practice drills that teach the skills needed to run the offense and build the habits to run the offense effectively. Players learn to play all the spots in this position-less offense. Drills are broken down into 2-, 3-, and 4-man actions.

The drills focus on fast and aggressive cuts. This is the most important element in the offense. The second-most important element, according to Coach Underwood, is the 2-man game. Finally, Coach Underwood addresses the fill players, those that keep the floor properly spaced and balanced placing additional stress on the defense. You’ll also see an element of the dribble drive motion offense that can be used with the spread offense to create favorable matchups and post player looks.

If you are looking to score more often with an offense that combines hard cuts, great post play, and an effective 2-man game; this is it. Coach Underwood shares an entire spread offensive package that creates continuity and incorporates the elements of the modern basketball offense. Rent this spread offense basketball DVD today.

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