Multi-Color Bowling Pin Set


Multi-Color Bowling Pin Set

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Light Up Your Bowling Game with a Burst of Color!

Is your bowling routine stuck in a monochrome rut? Add a splash of fun and friendly competition to your next game with the Multi-Color Bowling Pin Set! This vibrant set of pins is perfect for livening up family game nights, parties, or even spicing up league play.

Packed with Fun Features:

  • Dazzling Design: Stand out from the crowd with ten brightly colored bowling pins in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.
  • Classic Size: Each pin measures a standard 15 inches in height, replicating the official size used in professional bowling.
  • Weighted for Stability: Fill the hollow core of each pin with sand (not included) for added weight, creating a more realistic bowling experience that won't topple over with every nudge.
  • Track Your Progress: The included stat sheet and score pad allow you to keep track of your strikes, spares, and high scores, making it easy to see who's the bowling champion in your group!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: What material are the pins made from? A: The Multi-Color Bowling Pin Set is constructed from durable plastic, ensuring long-lasting fun for bowlers of all ages.

  • Q: Do the pins come pre-filled with sand? A: No, sand is not included. This allows you to customize the weight of the pins to suit your preferences.

  • Q: Is a bowling ball included? A: No, this set includes ten multi-colored bowling pins only.

  • Q: Are these pins suitable for young children? A: Absolutely! The bright colors and lightweight design (without sand) make this set perfect for introducing young children to the joys of bowling.

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