The Blocker/mover Offensive System by Dick Bennett Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dick Bennett (Rental)-The Blocker-mover Offensive System $15.99
As Coach Bennett explains every aspect of the blocker/mover offense, Coach Bennett breaks down the essential components. Bennett first shows the entire offense, then breaks it down in the DVD. Bennett introduces the concept "sides", which means that the blocker is responsible for screening other players on his side. Good offense requires the ability to pass the ball and manage it effectively. These four drills will help you to be more efficient and have a great execution. Excellent! 57 minutes. 2008.
Blocker Mover Offense: Core Drills & Shooting Drills by Joe Kuhn Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Joe Kuhn (Rental)-Blocker Mover Offense: Core Drills & Shooting Drills $18.99
Blocker-Mover Offense: Core Drills and Shooting Drills Joliet Junior College head coach Joe Kuhn has built a career on the Blocker-Mover offense. It has helped him earn inductions into the NJCAA Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame as well as the Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame. In this video, Coach Kuhn shows you how to build the Blocker-Mover offense with a number of different drills. He presents 14 foundational drills, both core drills and shooting drills, to help you execute the Blocker-Mover system at a high level. Core Drills In order to learn the reads and options involved in the seemingly endless number of actions within the offense, players must work through Coach Kuhn’s series of foundational drills. Only when players have mastered the reads and options available are they able to freelance within the system. Coach Kuhn presents nine practice drills that help players learn the various reads needed to successfully run the blocker-mover offense. The Get Open drill is one where players run through a variety of actions that can be rehearsed. This helps develop the instincts players need to find scoring chances. Players learn to get open on the wing using pin down screens. They also learn how to play off flare screens, side ball screens, and baseline screens based on how a defense plays them. The Free Lance drill helps to really lock in the concepts of the offense. Using restrictions or scripted defensive tactics, you can tweak the drill to focus on whatever priority you would want to emphasize. Shooting Drills Coach Kuhn shows you five drills to break down the shooting options within the blocker-mover offense. Players train to take the same shots they will take on game night. The 3-Spot Shooting drill simulates different shots that can be created off of pin down screens or flare screens for the movers. Blocker Shooting helps condition post players to look for scoring opportunities through post ups and flashes to the ball. The Combo Shooting drill puts blockers and movers together to rehearse shots off flare screens. Any coach interested in running the blocker-mover offense must have this 54-minute video from Coach Kuhn. It’s a must for building an effective blocker-mover offense.
Blocker Mover Offense: Out of Bounds Plays, Set Plays, Reads, & Zone Defense by Joe Kuhn Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Joe Kuhn (Rental)-Blocker Mover Offense: Out of Bounds Plays, Set Plays, Reads, & Zone Defense $18.99
Blocker-Mover Offense: Out of Bounds Plays, Set Plays, Reads and vs. Zone Offense Hall of Fame coach Joe Kuhn presents to you an offense that can be adapted to fit any style, any personnel, and it works against both zone and man-to-man. The Joliet Junior College head coach, who is a member of both the Illinois and NJCAA Basketball Coaches Halls of Fame, shows you a highly adaptable offensive attack in this video through the use of the whiteboard, on-court demonstration, and game film. The simultaneous screening actions that incorporate every player on the floor are what make the blocker-mover offense team basketball at its best. You will see how it works against any defense and how players can have the freedom to freelance. Offensive Entries For teams that face pressure defenses frequently, Coach Kuhn shows you three different entries into the offense. Keep opponents guessing with three options to get open on the wing using pin screens. Detroit adds another screener to help out when extreme pressure gives you trouble. When dribble entry is needed, Coach Kuhn shows you how to space the floor to initiate the offense. Alignment Options The Blocker-Mover system features two designated blockers that look to constantly screen for movers in designated areas. Adjusting the assignments of the blockers changes the spacing and screening options that are created in the offense. Lane-Lane: great option for teams with two post players or when coaches need to find productive use for non-scorers Lane-Wide: used when at least one blocker has solid perimeter skills Wide-Wide: used when blockers have solid perimeter skills Top-Bottom: a four-guard lineup with one post player close to the rim Zone Offense Coach Kuhn illustrates how the Top-Bottom alignment can create a motion offense that works perfectly against zone defenses. In addition to the basic Blocker-Mover offense, you will see two additional concepts used to beat zone defenses. The Step Out-Step In action creates a ball reversal that pulls out defenders and frees up a post feed in the short corner. Transition & Set Plays Coach Kuhn shows you how simple transition offense can flow right into the screening actions of the blocker-mover. Scoring opportunities are available early in transition with drive and kick plays by your movers, feeding the post, or the use of wide pin down screens by the trailing blocker. To complement the offense, Coach Kuhn shows you five set plays that incorporate concepts from the main offense. Panther is one that can create a 3-point shot or a post opportunity. There are also ways to incorporate handoffs into the set plays creating even more action. Vermont is a sideline inbounds play that will either execute a lob pass or get the ball to your best player. With all of its options, Coach Kuhn’s offense is perfect for any team. In 88 minutes, he shows you an offense built for any situation – out of bounds, versus zone, versus man, and more – and how it can adapt to any roster. Own it today!
Unguardable Blocker Mover Offense by Kim English Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kim English (Rental)-Unguardable Blocker Mover Offense $18.99
In this on-the-court instructional presentation, Coach English demonstrates how to effectively incorporate multiple post players into the Blocker-Mover offense. He also teaches strategies for highlighting guards who may struggle with creating their own shot. The presentation covers essential actions and principles of the offense, as well as set plays to showcase a post player who can stretch the floor. Coach English focuses on individual actions such as baseline screens, flare screens, and the ‘back down,’ and demonstrates how to train players in the reads and execution of these actions through 1-on-0 and 1-on-1 drills. He also covers post feeds, split-screens, cutting actions and ball screens, and how to take advantage of a post player who can shoot. The presentation includes the use of the ‘Saluki Drill’ to build decision-making into ball handling under pressure and 3-on-3 drills with a time constraint to focus on specific scoring options within the offense. Additionally, set plays such as ‘Chin’ and ‘Floppy Curl’ are shown as ways to highlight a stretch 4 on the team. Throughout the presentation, Coach English emphasizes the importance of ‘shared cognition’ among players in the offense, and provides examples of how to space off dribble penetration, play off post feeds, base decisions on the skill sets of nearby teammates, and more. The presentation also covers strategies for countering defenses that employ ‘downside’ ball screens and playing to new actions when the ball is passed to the ‘sandwich’ off an empty ball screen. In total, the video is 65 minutes long and was produced in 2023.
The Hybrid Mover Blocker Offense by Tom Palombo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
HoopsKing (Rental)-The Hybrid Mover Blocker Offense $18.99
The Hybrid Mover-Blocker Offense: Spacing, Screens & Cuts Tom Palombo has accumulated over 550 career wins and has taken his Guilford College teams to 11 NCAA Division III tournament appearances. Coach Palombo has been able to do that using an offense that provides his players with numerous options and makes it difficult for opponents to defend. In this video, Coach Palombo breaks down his Hybrid Mover-Blocker offer and shares a variety of drills that relate to the motions on the court. There is also game footage to help you understand how to install the offense. Rules and Offensive Foundation of the Mover Blocker Offense Coach Palombo starts with the basic rules for the offense. One of the big ones is that players must learn to read the defense and each other. Blockers must be able to read specific angles in order to set screens for the movers. All players must be able to rebound effectively. Next, Coach Palombo breaks down the actions related to the offense. There are three main actions: Freddy: Fade screens Charlie: Curl cuts Ricky: Re-screens Each action is repeated over and over so players learn how to read defenses and get open. Players learn to create space upon receiving the ball which creates open shots and drive opportunities. Ways to Score in the Mover Blocker Offense There are numerous ways to score in this offense. Blockers are often the recipients of post-ups and get opportunities off rolls as well. Coach Palombo also breaks down how timing, spacing and fluidity each play a role in the success of the Hybrid Mover-Blocker offense. Timing is essential so that players receiving a screen come off at the exact time when they have a chance to score. Spacing is essential to allow players coming off a screen the space to shoot or drive to the basket. Being fluid is also important. The continuous movement of players makes it difficult for defenders to be right. This is an outstanding video that will help you install the Hybrid Mover-Blocker offense. Your team will no doubt find success using the teachings of Coach Palombo.