(Rental)-The Combined 4 Out 1 In & 3 Out 2 In Motion Attack


(Rental)-The Combined 4 Out 1 In & 3 Out 2 In Motion Attack

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Bill Self Motion Offense

The Combined 4 Out/1 In & 3 Out/2 In Motion Attack

During head coach Bill Self’s tenure at Kansas, the Jayhawks have won a national title, played for another, and have made eight trips to the Elite Eight. To dominate the way Self and Kansas has over the past decade-plus, you have to find ways to stay ahead of the competition. Coach Self has done that with an offensive system that spreads the floor, uses constant movement, and continually attacks defenses.

In this 105-minute video, you will gain an understanding of the backbone of the Kansas offensive system. Coach Self uses whiteboard diagrams and has his players demonstrate how to execute both the Fist and Four-Game offenses. You will see how the Jayhawks give their players freedom to make plays and dominate opponents with multiple pick and rolls in a single possession.

Fist Offense

The Fist offense plays with two posts and is initiated with a feed to one of them. Any set play could be used prior with the option of flowing right into Fist. You will see how Coach Bill Self Motion Offense emphasizes proper spacing of the floor off of the post feed no matter where you are at in the possession.

One of the big coaching points is the technique of the low post player sealing their defender with duck-ins. If teams take away the initial post fee, watch how Kansas makes them pay with the opposite post player flashing for a high-low opportunity. Coach Self also shows you how to use the pick and roll on the two-side or the single side.

Using his players, Coach Self breaks down a number of specific actions within the Fist offense. You will then see live play to help you understand those actions within the framework of the offense.

Four-Game Offense

Four-Game is a style of attack that uses one post player and is designed more for smaller teams that like to spread to the floor and constantly drive and kick. The offense uses a series of dribble hand-offs, downhill drives, and ball screens to penetrate the lane. Coach Self again emphasizes spacing especially when the ball goes into the post.

Coach Self will reveal how the defense is flattened when the ball is reversed and corner ball screens are used. You also get to see the basic movements of Four-Game and how the Bill Self Motion offense continues from side to side as the ball is reversed.

Basketball Set Plays

Coach Self offers up two complementary set plays for his offense. “Misdirection” is a play that uses decoys to confuse the defense while you play out multiple options with the pinch post. “L Down” is a method for setting up a defense to take advantage of your big man rolling off of pick and rolls. Coach Self also shows you a unique twist on the play that will generate an open 3-point look when you need it.

If you are yearning to learn more about the ball screen offense used at Kansas, this is the video for you. Coach Self gives you an inside look at how his offense has been used to dominate the Big 12. Rent this Bill Self Motion Offense DVD today.

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