(Rental)-The Bill Self System: Installation & Implementation


(Rental)-The Bill Self System: Installation & Implementation

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A Deep-Practice, Open-Practice Dive Into Kansas' Bill Self. Unlocking game-winning strategies and the keys to running highly efficient practices!

  • Bill Self's 5 favorite set plays, complete with a step by step installation blueprint and teaching process for improving execution
  • Skill development drills that help players improve their offense and defense.
  • A look inside the planning and execution of a patterned practice sequence that allows players to quickly learn and maximizes their practice time
  • To increase overall skill and to transform players into a cohesive, mentally tough unit that thrives under pressure situations, defense and rebounding segments are important.
  • Strategies to attack an aggressive defense in depth - keeping them on their heels and off balance

Bill Self and the University of Kansas coaching staff have created a special 2022 National Championship Open Practice. This exclusive gives you an insider's view of what an early-season, high-intensity, and focus-driven practice session looks for one of America's top programs.

More than 2-hours of non-stop coaching concepts

This video is jam-packed with valuable coaching information. It combines real-world coaching points with on-court demonstrations. Viewers are given a behind the scenes look at a Bill Self practice in the early seasons. The practice shows viewers how concepts, philosophies and set plays are executed daily by players to ensure they execute efficiently and effectively, regardless of what offensive or defensive system they use.

Tested Xs and-Os, Practice Drills that Fit Your Program

Bill Self, one of the most respected and winningest college basketball coaches in America, has presented this presentation with his team. They loaded up this open practice full of winning strategies and demonstrated on-court skills.

This presentation is a combination of on-the-floor strategy and teaching progressions, as well as tangible coaching points. It transforms from a fragmented, early season practice into a nearly 2-hour instructional video about basketball.

Watching Self's Open Practice will give coaches an incredible amount of detail and information. This coaching video is one you'll keep watching over and over. You'll also be able to learn new ideas and techniques from it. It's a great resource for coaching that you can use in your team's practice for many years.

118 minutes. 2022.

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