2-3 Zone Defense


2-3 Zone Defense

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Unlock the Secrets of an Effective 2-3 Zone Defense

Eastern Michigan's very own Assistant Coach, Matt Cline, brings you an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the strategic depths of the 2-3 Zone Defense. With a comprehensive breakdown of each player's role, detailed explanations of the defense's weak points, and strategies to counteract them, this course is your ticket to defensive mastery. Whether you're coaching a team or looking to understand the game on a deeper level, Coach Cline's insights are invaluable.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Detailed Player Roles: Learn the specific duties of guards, wings, and the center in a 2-3 Zone.
  • Strategic Defenses: Master techniques like the Short Corner Trap and High Post Defense.
  • Offensive Counteractions: Understand common offensive strategies against 2-3 Zone and how to defend them.
  • Enhanced Rebounding: Techniques for guards, wings, and center to dominate the boards.
  • Transition Defense: Secure your defense even during fast breaks and quick transitions.
  • Included Extras: Q&A sessions, notes, and PowerPoint slides to complement your learning experience.

Meet Coach Matt Cline

With a rich background in basketball coaching, including a tenure as Assistant Coach at Eastern Michigan and significant achievements like winning the 2017 Southern Conference and participating in the NCAA Tournament, Coach Matt Cline brings practical, field-tested strategies to this course. His experience spans various prestigious programs and positions, marking him as an expert in defensive strategies, particularly the 2-3 Zone Defense.


  • Who should enroll in this course? Basketball coaches at any level, players seeking to understand defensive strategies, and enthusiasts aiming to deepen their knowledge of the game.
  • What will I gain from this course? In-depth understanding of 2-3 Zone Defense, enhanced coaching strategies, and defensive techniques that can be applied immediately.
  • How can I access the course? Upon purchase, you will receive a link to access the course materials, including video lessons, Q&A sessions, and additional resources.
  • Is there support available during the course? Yes, you can submit questions during the Q&A sessions or reach out via our support channels for assistance.

Don't miss this chance to elevate your defensive game and strategy with Coach Matt Cline's expert guidance. Enroll now and transform your approach to the 2-3 Zone Defense!

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