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Using basketball training videos as a coach can change your entire life. You will see how the best coaches teach the game, how they talk to players, how they drill, and you can take their knowledge and apply it to the court right away wherever you coach. You can take your coaching to a whole other level which means you'll win more games. If you are wanting to move up the ranks in coaching - you have to start renting right now so you can learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

If you are a parent having basketball training videos for your child is giving them an advantage other players won't have. We have the best basketball trainers in the world with our Advanced Basketball Training Systems. Trainers like Ganon Baker, Jason Otter, Alan Stein, & Jay Hernandez. All of these players have trained major NBA players and tons of high school and college athletes. Having the Advanced Basketball Training Systems for your child will give them a resource they will use their entire career.

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We have basketball training videos available for download and you can watch them on any device, take them easily to the gym with your whether you are a coach or player. You won't need an Internet connection after you download the video to your device so don't worry about needing good WiFi in the gym. Just download once and you'll always have the video ready to go.

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1 on 1 Wing Moves 1 on 1 Wing Moves
HoopsKing 1 on 1 Wing Moves from $16.99
1 on 1 Wing Separation Moves featuring Advanced Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker covers everything you need to be an explosive wing player. The video starts out with the necessary dribbling skills required to be an advanced wing player. Next Ganon will cover the moves that will make you unstoppable on offense. Featuring high-quality presentation, this video is fun to watch as a beginner or advanced player looking to take your game to another level. Get after it! While you may not be a pro or one of the elite high school players in the country, you can still receive the same teaching they get and become a much better player. All of the moves on the video are ones you can go out and start working on by yourself or with a partner.
How to Survive & Thrive as an Undersized How to Survive & Thrive as an Undersized
HoopsKing How to Survive & Thrive as an Undersized from $9.99
Top Basketball Trainer Reveals How to Survive and Thrive on the Basketball Court even if you are an Undersized Player World Renowned Trainer Ganon Baker shares his 8 Great Keys for Smaller Players Do you struggle to score against taller, longer, and more athletic players? Do coaches overlook you or put a taller player ahead of you on the team just because they are taller? There's nothing you can do about your height... so are you destined to not achieve the success you want on the court? Maybe you've even thought about giving up on basketball and trying another sport. It's such a helpless feeling knowing you may not get the success on the court that you want just because people will overlook you because of your height. Now if you aren't really skilled and are short it's even worse. Coaches won't give you a chance. It's one thing to be short but not having skill to go with it is a recipe for ending up on the bowling team. But what if I told you that you could learn the tips, tricks and secrets to being a short player - or Undersized - from a Pro Trainer who played Division I college basketball and is now the most successful basketball trainer in the world? What if your height didn't make as big a difference or even no difference at all? Luckily for you there is a solution. World Famous Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker's How to Survive and Thrive as an Undersized Basketball Player is just what you need to become a great short...err... I mean Undersized basketball player. Ganon will share with you what it takes to excel as a smaller basketball player. At just over 6' Ganon played D-1 College basketball and professionally - and will share with you what he did to achieve that success... plus what he's learned traveling the world as a trainer to help you. As Ganon says, if a coach tell's you you are "too small" - what he's really saying is that you aren't good enough. That is a career ending combination - small and unskilled. While you can't do anything about your size, you can do a lot about your skill and Ganon will take you through his Great 8s for smaller players where he details what you need to do in your workouts to maximize your ability. Don't let a coach tell you you are too small. They are just being nice if they say that. Take control of what you can control and that's your skill. Empower yourself to become the best basketball player you can be with the great insight of Ganon Baker. WHAT THE UNDERSIZED GREAT 8s WILL DO FOR YOU STRONGER BODY & CORE Use Ganon's On the Court Strength Building routine so you don't get pushed around on the court. No need for a weight room here. Learn to absorb contact so you can finish the play and not melt vs. the defense. FAST & QUICK FEET If you are smaller, then you better be quicker. Ganon's jump rope routine will not only get you warmed up for workouts but will develop agility, quickness, and speed needed to succeed on the court. NO WEAK HAND As an Undersized player you MUST be able to use either hand equally well. Ganon will give you his best dribbling drills to develop ambidexterity so you aren't playing the game with one hand tied behind your back. THREAD THE NEEDLE When passing against taller players Undersized players need to be able to get rid of the ball quickly and accurately especially off the dribble. CREATE SPACE TO SCORE Creating space to get open and get your shot off is very important against taller & longer defenders. Every inch counts and Ganon will show you how to use your feet and body to create space to become a lethal offensive player. STRONG, QUICK HANDS You can't let stronger players rip the ball away from you. Learn to protect the basketball and use your strong hands to squeeze the ball and fight off the toughest defenders. CHANGE SPEED & DIRECTION The key for an Undersized player is the ability to change speed and direction. You don't have to be the quickest player but if you know how to change speeds off the dribble or getting open for a shot you will become a quicker player by just knowing how to outsmart your defender. STUDENT OF THE GAME The smaller you are the smarter you HAVE to be. Learn to outwit and outplay your opponent by becoming a student of the game. HERE'S WHO YOU WILL BE TRAINING WITH MEET GANON BAKER See these pictures above? Yes, Ganon is a big-time trainer - not just some guy on YouTube who thinks he's a trainer. Check out his resume: Nike Elite Skills Academy Trainer Trainer to NBA, WNBA, & College Teams & Players Sought around the world training players in over 45 countries & 5 continents Former Division I & II Assistant Coach Ganon Baker's enthusiasm and incredible skill really come through in this video and is truly a great video for any sized player who wants to develop their game to its full potential. Here's What Others Say...
Triple Threat Attack Triple Threat Attack
HoopsKing Triple Threat Attack from $9.99
 Triple Threat Basketball Attack - Become an Offensive Force with Pro Trainer Jason Otter Having a great offensive attack starts with proper Triple Threat. You need to be able to threaten the defense every time you have the ball. If you can shoot off the catch, shoot off the dribble, go either way with your shot, you will be unstoppable. Unfortunately, most players don't work enough out of triple threat and never develop the skills needed to become the best offensive player they can be. Now you have the ulitmate in triple threat basketball instruction that will show you exactly what you need to work on and how to do it. Video Previews of Jason's Triple Threat Basketball Attack
Ganon Baker Fundamental Four Pack Ganon Baker Fundamental Four Pack
HoopsKing Ganon Baker Fundamental Four Pack $47.00
NIKE Skill Trainer Ganon Baker Reveals How To Become An Elite Player...without Hiring a Personal Trainer Ganon Baker is known around the world and has been the lead skills trainer at numerous Nike Basketball Skill Academies where the top High School & College players train during the summer. Here is Ganon at the LeBron James Nike Skills Academy. Featured In: Join Ganon Baker's Basketball School & Get Everything You NEED to Become an Elite Player How to Handle the Basketball Like the Pros Have trouble handing on to the ball vs. tougher players?  Melt against pressure defense? Ganon's Ball Handling video will make you tough and strong with the basketball so you will stop being soft, losing the ball, and making unnecessary turnovers.  Learn to Shoot & Practice Shooting Like the Pros  Learn to Shoot like the Pros and Practice shooting like the Pros.  Not only will Ganon teach you how to shoot, he will teach you to read the defense to create space to get your shot off.  After all, what is the point in having a great shot if you can't get it off?  Ganon takes care of everything in this video. Thread the Needle in any Situation Who says you can't practice your dribbling on your own?  Learn the thread the needle and drop dimes in any situation.  Ganon will take your passing ability to another level with these drills that can be done by yourself or with a partner. Get ready to become the assist leader on your team. Handle the Ball & Attack the Basketball like the Pros Take the ball anywhere you want on the court and learn to attack the basket like the Pros do.  A fun variety of dribbling drills are followed up with moves to attack the rim off the dribble. I was really impressed with Ganon Baker’s demonstration and teaching. The players really respond to his style of coaching.  He is a very gifted individual. It is clear that he has worked to master fresh and original teaching methods. He combines an engaging communication style with functional and fundamentally sound instruction. The energy, enthusiasm and passion he brings to individual instruction are a cut above anything I’ve seen.     Steve Lavin • Head Coach, College Basketball TV Analyst Ganon Baker is exceptional; he studies the game; he relates to players of all ages; he motivates like no one else….being an NBA coach, I can honestly say that players at this level not only improve but they enjoy the process as well. If you have a chance to observe one of his clinics, one of his workouts, or actually be trained by him, you have to do it….you will absolutely be glad you did!!!   Kevin Eastman • Vice President LA Clippers - Nike Skill Academy  Ganon Baker - A Worldwide Recognized Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker footage from the Kobe Nike Academy GANON BAKER'S BASKETBALL SCHOOL OF FUNDAMENTALS TURNS YOU INTO AN ELITE BASKETBALL PLAYER