The DHO Playbook


The DHO Playbook

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Transform Your Game

Are you ready to evolve with the dynamic world of basketball? The DHO Playbook is here to guide you through the intricacies of dribble handoffs (DHOs), a pivotal element in today’s game. Crafted for coaches and players eager to stay ahead of the curve, this comprehensive guide is your ticket to mastering one of basketball's most effective strategies.

Why The DHO Playbook?

  • Over 300 DHO Plays: Dive into a rich library of plays, each designed to outsmart your opponents and secure your team's victory.
  • Exclusive Access to Over 100 Drills: Enhance your team's DHO reads and decision-making skills with drills that cover every aspect of the game, from offense to defense.
  • Master the Chicago Action: With over 100 Chicago Action plays, integrate the staple of collegiate and NBA teams into your playbook.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: At 631 pages, The DHO Playbook combines theory, practice, and strategic insights, making it an indispensable resource.
  • Dual Focus: Learn not just how to execute DHOs, but also how to defend against them, giving you a complete understanding of the game.

A Lifetime of Basketball Expertise at Your Fingertips

Drawn from over 20 years of coaching experience at high school, collegiate levels, and beyond, The DHO Playbook is more than just a guide. It's a comprehensive approach to understanding and applying the game's most effective strategies. Whether you're a seasoned coach or new to the game, this playbook has everything you need to elevate your game.


  • Who is this playbook for?
    The DHO Playbook is designed for basketball coaches and players at all levels who want to deepen their understanding of the game and incorporate DHOs into their strategy.
  • What makes The DHO Playbook unique?
    With over 631 pages of content, including 300+ DHO plays, 100+ drills, and in-depth strategies for both offense and defense, there is no other resource as comprehensive as this.
  • How will The DHO Playbook help me improve my game?
    By providing you with a deep dive into dribble handoffs, including how to execute and defend against them, The DHO Playbook ensures you're prepared for the modern game of basketball.
  • Where can I purchase The DHO Playbook?
    Visit to get your copy and start transforming your team's performance today.

Don’t let the game pass you by. Embrace the evolution of basketball with The DHO Playbook. Order now and take the first step towards securing your team's success.

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