Offensive Spacing


Offensive Spacing

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Transform Your Team's Offense Today

Are you looking to enhance your basketball team's offensive play? Discover the art of offensive spacing with Coach Baker Dunleavy's comprehensive course, "Offensive Spacing." This clinic, presented during the 2020 NJBCA Virtual Clinic, delves into the essential principles of spacing, reaction strategies during dribble penetration, and the intricacies of ball screens. With Coach Dunleavy's expertise, gleaned from his successful tenure at Villanova and Quinnipiac University, you'll learn the techniques that propelled teams to championships. Start with our free first lesson and elevate your team's offensive game.

Why Choose "Offensive Spacing"?

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Baker Dunleavy, a coach with a proven track record of success, including a national championship win.
  • Comprehensive Lessons: From fundamentals to advanced strategies, cover all aspects of offensive spacing across numerous detailed video lessons.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with various drills and samples for a hands-on understanding of effective spacing techniques.
  • Exclusive Access: Members get unique insights from one of the top college coaches, alongside additional resources from the NJBCA Virtual Coaching Clinic.
  • Free Starter Content: Jumpstart your learning with free access to the first lesson and selected drills.


Who can benefit from this course?

Coaches at all levels, from high school to collegiate basketball, can enhance their offensive strategies with this course. It's also beneficial for players aiming to understand the finer points of offensive spacing.

How long are the lessons?

Lesson lengths vary to cover topics thoroughly, ranging from quick drills at 0:53 minutes to more in-depth discussions and Q&A sessions extending up to 6:11 minutes.

Is there a certificate upon completion?

While the primary goal is to equip you with actionable strategies to improve your team's performance, a certificate of completion is provided to acknowledge your dedication and newly acquired expertise.

How can I access the course?

Start immediately by accessing the first lesson for free. For full access to all content, visit our sign-up page linked here.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your team's offensive strategy. With "Offensive Spacing" by Coach Baker Dunleavy, take the first step towards becoming a championship-winning coach. Enroll today!

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