Enhance your ball-handling skills with our dynamic collection of Basketball Ball Handling Videos. Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your dribbling technique or an advanced player aiming to master complex moves, our expert-led tutorials have you covered. Explore a variety of drills and exercises designed to increase dribbling speed, control, and creativity on the court. From basic dribbling fundamentals to advanced crossover and spin moves, our videos provide step-by-step instructions and practical tips to help you level up your game. With our curated selection, you'll learn how to protect the ball, beat defenders, and create scoring opportunities for yourself and your teammates. Elevate your ball-handling skills and become a dominant force on the basketball court with our Basketball Ball Handling Videos. Start your journey to dribbling mastery today.

Advanced Point Guard
CoachTube Advanced Point Guard $24.99
Transform Your Game with Advanced Point Guard Are you ready to take your role as a Point Guard to a new level? With "Advanced Point Guard," you gain access to exclusive dribbling drills, game situation plays, and scoring techniques that mold you into a versatile and unstoppable force on the court. Designed by basketball experts at Hoops King.com and led by the renowned Jay, this program is your ticket to excelling in every game situation and standing out as a top player. Why Choose Advanced Point Guard? Comprehensive Drills: Focus on what matters with a curated set of dribbling drills that enhance your game efficiency and prevent wasted time on unnecessary practice. Game Situation Plays: Learn the most common Point Guard plays that prepare you for real game scenarios, giving you the confidence and skills to lead your team to victory. Dual Threat Training: Develop the ability to score from anywhere on the court. Whether you're slashing through the defense or shooting from the perimeter, become a player that defenses fear. Ambidexterity Mastery: Stand out from the competition by developing skills and drills with both hands, a rare trait that distinguishes great players from the good ones. Step-by-Step Videos: Follow along with high-quality instructional videos, ranging from advanced ball handling to pivotal game techniques like the Split Series and Zig Zags. What's Included? An all-encompassing program designed to elevate your game: 1 Introductory Session (Free) - Get a taste of what Advanced Point Guard offers 9 Detailed Training Videos - Covering everything from Rhythm Series, Half Spins, Guard Crawls, to Ball Screens/Closing. Exclusive Access to Expert Strategies - Jay breaks down the secrets to becoming a versatile point guard. Unlimited Access - Practice anytime, anywhere with our on-demand video platform. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Is this program suitable for all ages and skill levels? Yes, Advanced Point Guard is designed to help basketball players at any stage of their career to improve their skills and understanding of the game. How long will it take to see improvement? Improvement depends on your dedication and practice frequency. However, players often see noticeable progress within the first few weeks of consistent practice. Can I access the videos on multiple devices? Absolutely. Once you're enrolled in Advanced Point Guard, you can access the training videos on any device, making it easy to practice wherever you are. Is there support if I have questions during the training? Yes, our team is here to support you throughout your journey. You can reach out with any questions and one of our basketball training experts will assist you. Don't let another game pass you by without unlocking your full potential. With "Advanced Point Guard," you're not just playing the game; you're changing it. Join now and transform your skills to dominate the court!
Explosive Finishing Moves
CoachTube Explosive Finishing Moves $24.99
Attention All Basketball Players! Do you ever find yourself breaking through the defense only to falter at the last hurdle? The ability to finish is what separates good players from great players. With Dorian Lee's Explosive Finishing Moves video, you're on the brink of transforming your game. Covering over 35 explosive moves, this video is your ticket to becoming the unstoppable scorer you've always dreamt of being. Why This Video Is A Game Changer Over 40+ Finishes: Learn to score from every angle and situation to keep your defenders guessing. ESPN Style Breakdown: Understand the critical footwork needed to outmaneuver your defenders with professional analysis. Hangtime Secrets: Discover the secrets to increasing your hangtime, making your finishes even more unguardable. Starting From the Basics: All moves begin from a basic triple threat position, making it easy to incorporate into your game. Diverse Finishing Techniques: Master a variety of shots around the basket including the pro hop, spin series, and fastbreak finishes. With Dorian's guidance, these moves are not just for show. They're practical, effective, and designed to win games. Whether you're playing in a high-stakes tournament or a friendly game at the park, these moves will elevate your performance. Who Can Benefit? Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the right way to finish or an advanced player aiming to add more weapons to your arsenal, Explosive Finishing Moves is tailored for you. Coaches seeking to give their teams an edge will also find this video invaluable. Take Action Now! Don't let another game go by where you're not playing to your full potential. With Explosive Finishing Moves, you have everything you need to start finishing like a pro. The only thing missing is your commitment. Remember, we can provide you with the tools, but the desire and effort must come from you. FAQ Is this video suitable for all ages and skill levels? Yes! Dorian Lee breaks down moves starting from the fundamentals, making it accessible to all skill levels and ages. How can I access the video? Once purchased, you will have immediate access to stream the video, allowing you to start improving your game right away. Can I benefit from this video if I'm not a guard? Absolutely! Dorian Lee's finishing moves are designed for all positions. Being able to finish strong around the basket is critical for every player on the floor. Transform your game today. Your journey to becoming an unstoppable force on the court begins now. Are you ready?
Quick Handle
CoachTube Quick Handle $0.00
Unlock Your Full Potential At Quick Handle, we don't just teach basketball; we mold champions. With a unique combination of specialized basketball instruction and mental toughness training, our camps are designed to enhance your skills on and off the court. Our philosophy is to encourage each camper to reach their full potential in every aspect of life - physically, mentally, socially, academically, and spiritually. Join us and be inspired by stories of perseverance, participate in discussions that foster respect and pursuit of excellence, and, most importantly, elevate your basketball game to new heights. Exclusive Basketball Drills from a Pro Get a sneak peek into our program with free access to some of our top ball handling drills, including: Single Leg Wraps (1:27) Behind The Back (1:55) Crossover Drills (2:28) Forward And Back (2:11) Jab Crossover (2:33) Proven Success on the Global Stage Coach Mendo, the powerhouse behind Quick Handle, has an extensive and successful basketball career, both as a player and coach. From setting records in the European Professional League to coaching wins and championships across the globe, Coach Mendo brings unparalleled experience and insights to the program. Quick Handle is the culmination of over 30,000 players coached over 21 years, leveraging strategies that have proven successful on international platforms. Why Quick Handle? Comprehensive Development: Emphasis on physical, mental, and character growth. Pro-Level Drills: Access drills derived from professional play. Expert Coaching: Learn from Coach Mendo, with years of international playing and coaching experience. Inspirational Mentorship: Motivational talks and group discussions to inspire and encourage. Global Success Stories: Join the ranks of players who've achieved international success. Frequently Asked Questions Who can join Quick Handle Camps? Our camps are designed for players of all ages and skill levels who are looking to improve their game and personal growth. What will I learn at Quick Handle? You will learn advanced basketball techniques, mental toughness strategies, leadership skills, and core character values. How do I sign up for the camps? Visit our website and go to the registration page. We offer various sessions throughout the year to fit your schedule. Can I see improvements in my game? Absolutely! Our program is designed to push you to your limits and beyond. With dedication and hard work, you will see significant improvements.
Quick Handles ????
CoachTube Quick Handles ???? $0.00
Attention Basketball Enthusiasts! Are you ready to elevate your game to unprecedented heights? Quick Handles is here to revolutionize your basketball skills, offering a comprehensive training program designed to enhance your dribbling speed, agility, and overall ball handling prowess. Whether you're a budding amateur or an experienced pro, Quick Handles is your secret weapon to dominating the court. Why Quick Handles? Quick Handles isn't just another training program. It's a meticulously designed system proven to improve your performance through focused drills, expert guidance, and cutting-edge techniques. Here's why it stands out: Speed Enhancement: Drastically increase your dribbling speed to outmaneuver your opponents. Agility Training: Boost your agility to change directions swiftly and keep defenders guessing. Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from basic grips to advanced maneuvers, ensuring all-round development. Expertly Crafted Drills: Developed from years of research and real-world success stories. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Train at your own pace, in your own space, with our easy-to-follow online modules. Take the Leap Join the ranks of elite players who've transformed their game with Quick Handles. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Embrace the chance to become the player you've always dreamed of. Quick Handles is more than just a training program—it's your pathway to basketball excellence. FAQ Is Quick Handles suitable for beginners?Absolutely! Quick Handles is designed to cater to all skill levels, providing foundational skills for beginners and advanced techniques for seasoned players. How long will it take to see improvements?While individual results may vary, many users report noticeable improvements in as little as 1-2 weeks of consistent practice. Can I access the program from my country?Yes! Quick Handles is available globally. All you need is an internet connection to access our training modules. Don't miss out on the game-changing experience Quick Handles offers. Elevate your skills, confidence, and performance on the basketball court. Join us today and unlock your true potential!
Ball Handling the Right Way
CoachTube Ball Handling the Right Way $0.00
Unlock Your Potential on the Court Are you ready to elevate your basketball skills to the next level? "Ball Handling the Right Way" is a meticulously crafted course designed for players who aim to master the art of ball handling. Say goodbye to ineffective gimmick training and embrace our game-like skill development approach. With our course, you'll learn not just to play, but to excel with confidence and finesse. Why Choose "Ball Handling the Right Way"? Expert Instruction: Learn from a former D1 player and professional athlete who knows what it takes to succeed. Game-like Skills: Our course focuses on skills that translate directly to real game situations, making you a more effective player. Comprehensive Training: From stationary ball handling to advanced footwork drills, we cover every aspect to improve your game. Free Introductory Lesson: Start with our "Stationary Ball Handling" video (1:52) absolutely free and witness the quality of our training firsthand. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: With online access, you can improve your ball-handling skills on your schedule, from the comfort of your home. What You'll Achieve By the end of "Ball Handling the Right Way," you'll have mastered the essential skills to navigate the court with ease, keep defenders guessing, and take your overall game to heights you've never reached before. Whether you're a point guard looking to command the game or a shooting guard aiming to improve your agility and ball security, this course is your key to unlocking a new level of play. Frequently Asked Questions Who is this course for?This course is ideal for intermediate to advanced players who want to improve their ball handling and on-court performance significantly. Can beginners benefit from this course?While the course is designed for players with some experience, motivated beginners dedicated to improving their skills will find valuable insights and techniques to advance their game. How do I access the course?Upon purchase, you will receive an email with login details to access the course videos and materials on our platform, available 24/7 for your convenience. Is there a money-back guarantee?Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with the course within the first 30 days, we'll provide a full refund, no questions asked. Don't miss this opportunity to become the player you've always wanted to be. "Ball Handling the Right Way" is the course that will take you there. Start your journey to basketball excellence today!
Spartan Team Drills Playbook
CoachTube Spartan Team Drills Playbook $15.00
Attention Coaches: It's Time to Elevate Your Game! Are you looking to transform your basketball team's performance? Do you strive to not only win more games but also instill life lessons through sports? The Spartan Team Drills Playbook is your ultimate guide to achieving just that. Crafted by experienced Men's Basketball Coach Scott Peterman, this playbook is your key to unlocking the full potential of your team. Why Spartan Team Drills Playbook? Comprehensive Skill Development: From shooting and ball handling to defense and rebounding, this playbook covers all facets of the game. Designed for Success: Featuring 100 Team Skills Drills that are competitive, game-like, and progressive in nature. Position-Specific Training: Contains tailored drills for guards, post players, and their interactions, ensuring holistic team improvement. Expert Guidance: Compiled by Coach Scott Peterman, who has extensive experience at NCAA Division 2, NAIA, JUCO, and high school levels. Win Beyond the Game: The playbook not only focuses on basketball skills but also imparts valuable life lessons. Transform Your Coaching Today With limited time and a critical need for skill development, the Spartan Team Drills Playbook is your solution to making every practice count. Elevate your team's performance, teach the essence of the game, and build players that excel on and off the court. FAQ Who is this playbook for? Ideal for team coaches at any level looking to enhance their team's skill set and overall game performance. What makes this playbook different? Unlike other playbooks, this guide is crafted by a seasoned coach with experience across various levels of basketball. It's designed to be not only comprehensive but also progressive and specific to different player roles. How will this playbook help my team? By incorporating these drills into your practice sessions, you'll see noticeable improvements in individual skills, team dynamics, and overall game strategy. Plus, the lessons learned will help your players succeed beyond basketball. Is this playbook suitable for beginner coaches? Absolutely. The Spartan Team Drills Playbook is an invaluable resource for coaches at all levels, including those just starting their coaching journey. Take the first step towards becoming a championship-winning coach. Get your copy of the Spartan Team Drills Playbook today!
Advanced Ball Handling
CoachTube Advanced Ball Handling $0.00
Attention Basketball Players! Are you ready to elevate your game and dominate the competition? Introducing the Advanced Ball Handling course, meticulously designed by a seasoned NBA Skills Coach with over a decade of coaching and training experience. This course is your golden ticket to mastering the art of ball handling, enhancing footwork, and boosting your overall conditioning. Why Choose Advanced Ball Handling? Here's what sets us apart: Comprehensive Training Modules: From an unstoppable crossover move to daily drills designed to fine-tune your ball handling, this course covers all bases. Elite Coaching Pedigree: Benefit from the wisdom and insights of a coach who has transformed over 1,000 athletes, led teams to national championships, and boasts a rich playing history, including being an NCAA-D2 athlete and a high school state champion. Proven Results: Our methodical approach to skill development has culminated in more than 75 club tournament championships and the creation of top national and regional teams. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: With our course, improve your skills on your schedule. Each module is designed for efficient learning, allowing you to practice and progress at your own pace. Take the Leap Imagine confidently handling the ball under pressure, weaving through defenders with ease, and contributing more significantly to your team's success. With the Advanced Ball Handling course, this can be your reality. Don't let another game pass you by wishing you were better. Act now and transform your game. FAQs Who is this course for? Any basketball player looking to enhance their ball handling, footwork, and conditioning. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this course will help you level up. How long are the training modules? The course consists of carefully crafted videos ranging from 22 seconds to over 3 minutes, ensuring you receive focused, impactful training without overwhelming your schedule. Can I access the course on my mobile device? Yes! Our course is designed for your convenience, accessible on any device, any time, enabling you to train whenever and wherever you choose. Is there a guarantee? Yes, we stand behind our course with a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not seeing the improvements you expected, reach out to us for additional support and guidance. Don't miss this opportunity to be the best player you can be. Enroll in Advanced Ball Handling today and start your journey to basketball excellence!
Handle The Rock Pro Workouts
CoachTube Handle The Rock Pro Workouts $19.99
Unlock Your Basketball Potential Are you ready to take your basketball game to the next level? With Jason Otter's Handle The Rock Pro Workouts, you're getting more than just training sessions; you're unlocking a comprehensive system designed to elevate every aspect of your play. From mastering the ball with both hands to enhancing your first step and passing, these workouts push you beyond your limits. Developed by renowned coach Jason Otter, this program encapsulates years of professional training expertise into 5 rigorous workouts. Why Choose Handle The Rock Pro Workouts? Comprehensive Training System: From 1 ball to combination workouts, get a variety of drills that challenge every part of your game. Expert Guidance: Jason Otter, a respected figure in basketball coaching, brings his extensive experience directly to you. Flexible Workouts: With workouts ranging from 11 to 22 minutes, easily fit your training into any schedule. Immediate Access: Start with the free Introduction video to get a taste of what's to come, then dive into the full program at your pace. Proven Techniques: Benefit from drills and strategies that have helped countless players advance their careers. FAQs Who is this program for? Handle The Rock Pro Workouts is designed for players at all levels who are serious about improving their game and willing to put in the work to do so. How do I access the workouts? Upon purchase, you'll receive immediate access to all 5 workouts through our online platform, allowing you to start training right away. Can I do these workouts at home? Absolutely! All you need is a basketball, and enough space to perform the drills. The program is designed to be versatile, suiting various training environments. Is there a support system if I have questions during the program? Yes, we offer customer support for all our athletes. If you have any questions or need advice on the workouts, we're here to help. Take the First Step Today Don't let another day pass by without pushing towards your basketball goals. With Handle The Rock Pro Workouts, you have everything you need to elevate your game. Start transforming your skills, your confidence, and your future in basketball today. Join us and see where these workouts can take you. It's time to handle the rock like a pro.
Figure 8 Dribbling (Every Guard`s Dream)
CoachTube Figure 8 Dribbling (Every Guard`s Dream) $5.00
Attention Basketball Guards! Are you looking to elevate your game and dazzle on the court with unmatched ball-handling skills? Look no further! The secret to boosting your dribbling prowess and outmaneuvering your opponents is finally within your reach. Introducing Figure 8 Dribbling - a technique honed and perfected by someone with an illustrious background in basketball: a former North Carolina Tar Heels Team Manager, a Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach, and a treasured counselor and coach across various respected basketball camps and teams. Why Choose Figure 8 Dribbling? Improve Ball Control: Master the art of dribbling with your fingertips in a figure 8 motion, enhancing your control over the ball. Boost Your Agility: The faster you get with the figure 8, the quicker and more agile you become on the court, giving you an edge over your competitors. Accessible Anywhere: No need for expensive equipment or gym memberships. All you need is a basketball, and you’re set to practice anywhere, anytime. Proven Expertise: Developed by a professional with a rich history in basketball, including roles as Team Manager, Coach, and Trainer. For Every Skill Level: Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your skills, this technique is adaptable and beneficial for all levels. Desire - Be the Guard Every Team Dreams Of Imagine being the guard that everyone fears and admires - the one who can effortlessly navigate through the tightest defenses with grace and precision. With Figure 8 Dribbling, you're not just improving your dribbling; you're elevating your entire game. It's not just a skill; it's your ticket to becoming an indispensable part of your team. Action - Start Today! Don't let this opportunity dribble past you. Take the first step towards becoming the basketball guard you've always aspired to be. With our background and expertise, we're not just offering a training technique; we're offering a transformation. Begin your journey to basketball excellence today! FAQ Who can benefit from Figure 8 Dribbling? Any basketball player looking to improve their dribbling and ball-handling skills, regardless of their current level. Do I need any special equipment? No, all you need is a basketball and some space to practice. How long before I see improvements? While individual progress can vary, with consistent practice, noticeable improvements can often be seen in as little as a few weeks.
Encyclopedia of Dribble Moves (AKA From the Streets to the Courts)
CoachTube Encyclopedia of Dribble Moves (AKA From the Streets to the Courts) $24.99
Attention All Basketball Players! Are you looking to take your game from the streets to the courts with confidence and skill? Discover the secrets to mastering the art of dribbling with Jason Otter's Encyclopedia of Dribble Moves. This comprehensive video guide is your ultimate key to unlocking a new level of play, ensuring you outmaneuver any defender with ease. Why This Guide is a Game-Changer Jason Otter, a former Division I and professional player turned elite coach, breaks down dribbling into a science. With meticulous attention to body positioning, footwork, and strategic dribble moves, this video series is designed not just to teach but to transform. Jason’s approach ensures you don’t just practice, but you practice perfection. Step-by-Step Breakdowns: Each move dissected into specific details. Body Position and Footwork: Learn how to position yourself effectively against any defender. Practice with Purpose: From slow-paced drills to full-speed exercises, build your skills progressively. Versatile Dribble Moves: Master just under 40 moves including crossovers, spins, stutters, and more. Proven Results: Jason’s methods have developed over 1000 Division I players and numerous professional athletes. See Immediate Improvement Whether you’re a young enthusiast or a seasoned player, the Encyclopedia of Dribble Moves is designed to elevate your game instantly. With Jason Otter's expert guidance, expect to see significant improvements in your dribbling skills, game intelligence, and overall performance on the court. FAQ Who is this video series for? Basketball players of all levels who are serious about improving their dribbling skills and overall game performance. How long will it take to see improvement? With consistent practice and dedication to Jason’s teaching method, many players begin to see notable improvements within a few weeks. Can these moves be used in actual games? Absolutely. The moves taught are designed for real-game situations, allowing you to confidently face any defender. Is this suitable for beginners? Yes, the guide starts with the basics before advancing to more complex moves, making it ideal for players at any skill level. Transform your game today. Let Jason Otter’s Encyclopedia of Dribble Moves be the key to unlocking your full potential on the basketball court. Don't wait—step up your game now!
Dribbling and Driving
CoachTube Dribbling and Driving $24.99
Attention Parents Of Basketball Players! Are you struggling to help your child develop crucial basketball skills? Do you feel like despite your best efforts, your child is not progressing because they lack access to quality coaching? You're not alone. The challenge of turning your young athlete into a confident and skilled dribbler just got easier! Here's How Ganon Baker's Basketball School Can Transform Your Child's Game: Develop elite-level dribbling skills that set your child apart on the court. Blow past defenders and score with ease, thanks to advanced attacking techniques. Learn to read defenders and adapt, making your child unpredictable and hard to guard. Handle the toughest defensive pressure with a quick, elusive handle. Gain confidence and skills in less than a week, at a fraction of the cost of personal training sessions. Why Choose Ganon Baker's Dribbling & Driving? Most coaches lack the specific knowledge to unlock a player's dribbling potential. Even more, the idea that high-level skills require endless hours of practice every day is a myth. With "Ganon Baker's Basketball School: Dribbling & Driving video," your child doesn't just learn to dribble; they learn to dominate the game. Act Now - Before It's Too Late! Don't let your child fall behind players with access to personal trainers and better coaching. With Ganon Baker's video, your child will not only catch up but could become the best dribbler on their team. Imagine the pride in watching your child confidently take control of the game, outmaneuvering opponents and driving to the basket with ease. FAQ How soon can I expect to see results? You'll start seeing improvements in your child's dribbling and driving skills in less than a week! Is this suitable for all ages and skill levels? Yes, Ganon Baker's techniques are designed to help basketball players of all ages and skill levels. What makes this different from other basketball training videos? Unlike generic training videos, Ganon Baker's Dribbling & Driving is crafted by a renowned basketball coach with a focus on practical, game-changing skills. Can't I just find similar training for free online? While there's plenty of free content available, none matches the targeted, effective training Ganon Baker offers, designed to deliver rapid improvements. Is it really worth the investment? Absolutely. Considering the cost is only a third of what you'd pay for a single session with a personal trainer, it's an unbeatable value that promises real results.
Ball Handling
CoachTube Ball Handling $24.99
Unlock Your Potential on the Court Struggling with turnovers and pressure defense can be frustrating, not just for you but for aspiring players at any level. The game of basketball is evolving, and so should your skills. With Ganon Baker's Ball Handling program, you're not just learning to dribble; you're preparing to dominate. Whether you're just starting or you're aiming for the pros, this video will change how you play the game. Why Choose Ganon Baker's Program? Comprehensive Training: From preps to pros, tailor your practice to your level and see real improvement. Develop Quicker, Stronger Hands: Gain the control you need to keep the ball, even under the toughest pressure. Master Ball Control: Learn to protect the ball and navigate through aggressive defenses without turnovers. Train with the Best: Ganon Baker is recognized as the top basketball trainer globally, offering insights you won't find anywhere else. Innovative Drills: Utilize drills with tennis balls to enhance your focus, allowing you to spot open teammates effortlessly. FAQ What makes this program different from others? Unlike generic drills, Ganon Baker's program is meticulously designed for all levels, focusing on ball control, strength, and confidence under pressure. Can coaches use this video for their teams? Absolutely. This program is an excellent resource for coaches looking to improve their players' speed, skill, and confidence with the ball. How soon can I see results? With dedication and consistent practice, noticeable improvements can be seen in as little as a week. Don't let another game pass by wishing you could handle the ball better. It's time to take control, reduce turnovers, and play with confidence. Invest in your skills today with Ganon Baker's Ball Handling program and put yourself on the path to basketball excellence.
Stationary Ball Handling - Beginner
CoachTube Stationary Ball Handling - Beginner $10.00
Attention All Beginner Basketball Enthusiasts! Are you dreaming of impressive ball-handling skills but find yourself limited by space and equipment? Backyard Basketball Academy presents Stationary Ball Handling - Beginner, a meticulously designed course to elevate your game right from your home, driveway, or backyard. No more excuses, as now is the time to start working on your game with minimal space and no special equipment! Why Choose Our Stationary Ball Handling Course? Designed for Beginners: Tailored specifically for those starting their basketball journey, making complex skills accessible to all. Flexible Training: With drills split into 4 comprehensive workouts, fit your training around your schedule, dedicating only once a week to each workout over 3 weeks. Build Confidence: As your handling improves, so will your confidence on the court. Say goodbye to hesitation and hello to dominating the game. Expert Coaching: Learn from a USA Certified Gold Coach with a rich background as a college assistant coach and assistant high school coach. Free Sample Lesson: Start your journey with a free 1:13 minute lesson to get a taste of the transformative skills you're about to acquire. Get Started Today and Transform Your Game! Join the ranks of our successful students who've taken their backyard drills to on-court brilliance. With our expertly designed workouts and commitment to your growth, the only thing standing between you and basketball prowess is getting started. Enroll in the Stationary Ball Handling - Beginner course today and take the first step towards becoming the player you've always wanted to be. FAQs Do I need any special equipment?No, our program is designed to work with no special equipment. All you need is a basketball and a small space like a driveway or backyard. How long will it take to see improvement?Following our program, you should start to see noticeable improvements in your ball handling within the three-week course duration. Can I repeat the workouts after three weeks?Absolutely! We encourage repeating the workouts to continue improving your skills.
Stationary Ball Handling - Intermediate
CoachTube Stationary Ball Handling - Intermediate $10.00
Transform Your Game from the Comfort of Your Home At Backyard Basketball Academy, we understand the passion and dedication you bring to the basketball court. That's why we've crafted the "Stationary Ball Handling - Intermediate" course, designed specifically for players like you who are eager to improve their ball-handling skills but may have limited space to train. No need for special equipment or a vast training area; all you need is the commitment to push your limits and the space of your home, driveway, or backyard. Why Choose "Stationary Ball Handling - Intermediate"? Designed by Experts: Our course has been carefully put together by a college assistant coach with years of experience at both Concordia College - Moorhead and Dana College, ensuring you're learning from the best. Customized Training: Split into 4 comprehensive workouts, this course is structured to gradually improve your ball-handling skills with focused training. Flexible Schedule: With the flexibility to do each workout once a week over 3 weeks, you can easily fit this training into your busy life. Build Confidence on the Court: As your "handles" become more comfortable, your confidence during games will soar, giving you an edge over your competitors. FAQ Do I need any special equipment? No, all you need is a basketball and enough space to perform the drills. Our goal is to make training accessible, allowing you to improve your skills anywhere. Is this course suitable for beginners? This course is designed for intermediate players looking to enhance their skills. If you're a beginner, we recommend starting with our beginner ball handling course. How long does each workout take? The duration of workouts varies, ensuring you get a comprehensive training session each time. Total engagement time ranges from 1:26 to 4:24. Can I repeat the workouts more than once a week? Absolutely! While we recommend following the structured schedule for optimal results, feel free to adjust based on your personal goals and time availability. Don't let limited space hold you back from becoming the basketball player you've always dreamed of. With "Stationary Ball Handling - Intermediate," you're one step closer to dominating the court with confidence and skill. Enroll now and take the first step towards unlocking your true potential!
Stationary Ball Handling - Advanced
CoachTube Stationary Ball Handling - Advanced $5.00
Transform Your Game with Minimal Space Are you looking to elevate your basketball handling skills but constrained by limited space? At Backyard Basketball Academy, we stand by the belief that progress in your game doesn't require fancy facilities or expansive courts. Our "Stationary Ball Handling - Advanced" course is meticulously designed for athletes like you, who aim to enhance their "handles" in the comfort of their home, driveway, or any small space available. Why Choose Our Course? Developed under the guidance of a USA Certified Gold Coach with a rich coaching background from Concordia College and Dana College, this course embodies expert techniques and drills. By dedicating just a few minutes a day, you will witness a significant improvement in your ball handling, boosting your confidence immensely on the court. Efficient Training: Split into 2 comprehensive workouts, designed for optimal improvement in minimal time. Flexible Schedule: Perform each workout twice a week, with each drill lasting only 1 minute, fitting easily into your busy lifestyle. Proven Methodology: Developed by an elite college and high school basketball coach, ensuring professional and effective training techniques. Immediate Results: See noticeable improvements in your ball handling skills in as little as 3 weeks. No Special Equipment Needed: All you need is a basketball and a small space to start transforming your game today. FAQs Do I need any special equipment? No, all you need is a basketball and a small area to practice in - your home, driveway, or backyard will do perfectly. Is this course suitable for beginners? This course is designed for players with a basic understanding of ball handling who wish to advance their skills to a higher level. How soon can I see improvements? With dedication to the prescribed workouts, you can start noticing improvements in your ball handling skills within 3 weeks. Take Your First Step Towards Basketball Excellence Don't let limited space hinder your basketball aspirations. With the "Stationary Ball Handling - Advanced" course, you have the golden opportunity to work on your game under the tutelage of a certified expert. Seize this chance to become more comfortable and confident with your handles. Enroll today and start the journey towards dominating the court!