(Rental)-Shooting & Transition Drills


(Rental)-Shooting & Transition Drills

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Robert Morris University head coach Andy Toole shows you how to emphasize shooting and transition in practice so you can play fast and score a ton of points on game night. Toole is a two-time NEC champion (2015, 2020) and a former NEC (2014) Coach of the Year. In this video, Toole takes you inside an RMU practice where there is heavy emphasis on skill development through competition. That competition has turned Robert Morris into a championship caliber program.

Warm Up

The practice begins with “Ohio State Layups,” a drill that is used to create energy and prepare for an up-tempo practice. Toole emphasizes that players’ feet are always moving as they make passes and that the passes lead their teammates. Never throw behind a player.

The practice then moves into “10 In A Row” where players drive to the basket and must convert 10 straight layups. This time, they drive against a chasing manager and two coaches with blocking pads. Both sides must make 10 in a row to complete the drill.

Defensive Drills

Toole’s practice isn’t just about offense. He gets into several defensive drills as well. They include:

  • Perfect Closeouts: variation of the Shell Drill where there is an emphasis on closing out
  • 3-Minute Ball Screen: a post sets a ball screen to start the drill and continues to keep possession until stopped by the defense
  • Disadvantage Transition: teaches proper transition defense

Shooting Drills

Toole develops shooting skills with a series of drills designed to improve perimeter shooting. “4 Minute Threes” is a drill where players shoot from four different spots on the floor for four minutes. Shooting lines change each minute. Getting the hands ready is emphasized here.

“Dotted Shooting” helps players score off the drive and “CBS Shooting” is a three-man weave where the third player must score on a layup. Coach Toole finally puts everything together in a series of scrimmage drills like “Bucks” which trains matching up in transition defense and “Make It Take It” which teaches offense and defense in a half-court setting.

Any of Coach Toole’s drills can help the energy level and competitiveness of your practices.

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