Alan Stein: Active Warm--up & Core Training(stein) by Alan Stein Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Alan Stein (Rental)-Alan Stein: Active Warm--up & Core Training(stein) $15.99
Basketball Warm Up Drills with Alan Stein Many nationally renowned coaches who have over the years worked with basketball players will agree to the fact that a good core training and then an equally good warm-up prior to the game is very essential to having a good match and developing a winning culture. Many coaches who have spent countless years working with basketball players have even gone as far as viewing images and watching videos to help then with sufficient ideas to boost the quality of their training and warm-ups. Why Basketball Warm Up Drills Are Important Many people who come to watch the game or who sit at home watching players on the court sometimes don’t know the importance of warm-up.  In fact, many who watch from home miss out on the warm-ups. To those who do not play basketball, warm-ups look unimportant but it is very essential to the performance of basketballers. It is very important to note that this part should not be neglected when preparing for a game.  Here are some of the importance of the warm-ups Warm-ups free the muscles and makes it more elastic to withstand the stress of jumping, landing, throwing, blocking and so on. Warm-ups also very importantly, free the joints and make the player ready for the action. Apart from helping the players physically, warm-ups are also very important because it makes the players mentally prepared as well. Most coaches incorporate the real situation movements which take place in the court. Many coaches also try to create consistency with regards to the workout sessions, the practice and the game. Warmup sessions should also Include flexibility activities. The flexibility activities help to free the muscles and joints and help the players to be more flexible since basketball is a game or flexibility.  Carrying out flexibility activities involves session that could increase the motion of the Achilles, hamstrings, the hips flexor muscles, strengthen the calves and also the lower back region. If the condition requires that you may have only a small space for your warm-up you could also make good use of a host of stationary warm-up sessions that you can think of or research on.   Basketball Warm up Drills for the Core The core is really very important to the quality of a player and can determine the performance of the player.  The core is responsible and determines the movement of players and the ability of players to change direction quickly and jump higher. As a coach, it is important you develop a routine which can help you train the core of your players.  Many simple routines exist which are very easy to do with only a basketball required. Some of them include The use of the attic holds while the body is in a plank position. This is important because it can help to improve the lower back strength of the player. To help strengthen the abs, the crunch type movement is very effective. For the obliques, the continuous twisting position is very effective. Push-ups also is important to develop the core centres of the chest and shoulders. Making good use of warm-up and core training will help to increase the flexibility of players,  their core strength and even their confidence. Rent this basketball warm up drills DVD today.
Explosive Conditioning For Basketball Players by Alan Stein Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Alan Stein (Rental)-Explosive Conditioning For Basketball Players $15.99
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