Steph Curry Dribbling Drills & Workout Video

Want to have crazy handles like Steph Curry? Here is Steph Curry doing a dribbling workout during a Warrior's practice.  Not sure what those glasses exactly do but he's using a tennis ball while dribbling.  We've seen that around here before with  Ganon Baker and Jason Otter who are both professional basketball trainers.

Steph Curry Dribbling Drills

Steph  Curry uses a tennis ball to help challenge himself while working on dribbling. Not sure what the specs are doing for him but we do have  dribble goggles that prevent you from seeing the basketball while dribbling.

Steph Curry Dribbling Workout

Steph makes sure to work both hands.  You have to be good with both hands if you want to dribble the basketball  like Steph Curry.

Steph Curry Dribbling Video

Maybe these glasses Steph Curry is wearing reduce his vision?  He could just close his eyes and have a real challenge! LOL!

Dribble the basketball like Steph Curry

Here Steph juggles 2 tennis balls with his trainer.  Using tennis balls is good as it forces you to keep your eye off the basketball.

Here is the full video of Steph Curry's dribbling workout with a tennis ball.