Essential Qualities of a Great Coach

Essential Qualities of a Great Coach

Behind every great team is a great coach. No matter how much talent is on the basketball court, it won't matter unless those players have the leadership of someone who knows the game and who knows how to utilize everyone's skills. If you're looking to hire a basketball coach, you need to make sure your candidate has these qualities.


While basketball is easy to comprehend, it takes a very special understanding of the game to be a coach. Great basketball coaches catch things that would elude the average fan. They study the game as much as possible in order to further their understanding. However, they don't use their intelligence to try to appear superior. They explain complex concepts in a manner that is easily digested by everyone. If something needs to be clarified, they'll be happy to explain it further.

Emotionally Intelligent

Not all intelligence can be graded on a multiple-choice test. If a coach lacks emotional intelligence, he or she is going to be unable to fulfill the required duties for the team. There are three predictive components of a coach's behavioral aptitude that can tell you whether they'll make a good coach: attitude, emotional competence, and personality. Coaches who get easily aggravated or impatient offer nothing to their teams but fear and disappointment. Emotions can be complex, but a coach needs to know to keep those emotions in check. Coaches can also serve as a good example for their teams for how to handle difficult moments and how to show respect towards one another.


The support provided by a coach should be more than encouraging team members to play well. Coaches should also be supporting players by helping them realize just how much potential they have as people. Coaches should stand up for team members who might be having a hard time. If even one person on the team is feeling unwelcome, then the team can't reach its full potential. The relationship between a coach and the team needs to be friendly while also staying professional. No one should be receiving preferential treatment. When a coach stays objective, he or she can provide much greater levels of support.Great coaches bring out the best in their players and inspire them to reach greater heights. They need to be able to handle stressful situations without losing their tempers. Coaches should have the best interests of their teams in mind from the starting lineup to the people on the bench. No matter how many games a team wins, one of the biggest victories is having a top-notch coach.