3 Reasons Basketball is the Best Youth Sport

3 Reasons Basketball is the Best Youth Sport

Keeping your child active in sports is important in today’s high-tech world where kids sit inside and play video games all day. Getting involved in a sport will help keep them active, healthy and social. With so many sports out there, which sport do you encourage your child to play? Basketball is one of the top youth sports around, and for good reason.

Easy to Play Year-Round

Basketball is one of those sports where you don’t need a lot of participants, and kids can play year-round. Looking for a place to play a pick-up game? Take your child to your local park; you're bound to find kids playing on the outdoor court, or you could put a free-standing basketball hoop in your driveway and bring the game to your home. If it's raining or cold, your local recreation center is bound to have an indoor court where they can play. Also, check with your local schools and churches because sometimes they open up their gyms to the public.Basketball camps and clinics are also available year-round for kids to develop their skills.

It's Safer Than Other Sports

Compared to most other sports, such as football, basketball is fairly safe. Basketball players don't get head injuries like in football, and the long-term damage to their bodies is minimal. While there are always risks involved in any sport, most are minor when it comes to basketball. The social interaction the kids receive far outweigh the minor injuries that can occur. To help prevent injuries, kids should make sure to stretch and warm up before practices and games. Basketball shoes with good traction and a mouth guard are also recommended to help prevent injuries.

Minimal Equipment

Basketball is a great sport to play because there is a minimal amount of equipment needed, and it is cost friendly. All you need to start playing basketball is a ball and a hoop. Basketballs come in different sizes and varieties, so check with a sales associate at a sporting-goods store to help you choose the right one for your youth player. If your child chooses to play organized basketball, then you may need to purchase shoes, a mouthguard, the team jersey, and training equipment.

Playing sports is important for developing social skills, keeping healthy and staying active. If your child is looking to play on an organized team, keep in mind that school teams and local recreational teams play in the fall. Some recreational teams have spring leagues, and AAU and YBOA teams play year-round.