Volleyball Practice Planning - Tonya Johnson, Univ. of Texas


Volleyball Practice Planning - Tonya Johnson, Univ. of Texas

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Why Choose This Volleyball Practice Planning Guide?

  • Proven Track Record: Authored by Tonya Johnson, with a rich history of success, including leading the Longhorns to multiple NCAA Final appearances.
  • Expert Guidance: Leverage insights from a coach who has been instrumental in building Texas into a volleyball powerhouse.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Covers all facets of practice planning, from setting objectives to executing drills effectively.
  • Inspiring Success Stories: Learn through the career highlights of Tonya Johnson, including her time at Georgia Tech and her pivotal role at University of Texas.
  • Recruiting Insights: Gain valuable knowledge on recruiting strategies that have consistently brought top talents to her teams.

Benefits of Implementing This Guide

  • Elevate Your Team’s Performance: Apply Tonya’s strategies to improve your team's performance in competitions.
  • Enhanced Practice Sessions: Make your practice sessions more productive and goal-oriented, ensuring maximum improvement.
  • Develop Winning Strategies: Understand the tactics that led to NCAA Final appearances and how you can apply them to your team.
  • Boost Player Development: Foster a conducive environment for player growth with proven coaching techniques.
  • Exclusive Volleyball Insights: Access the wisdom accumulated from years of top-level coaching, including NCAA tournaments.


  • Who is this guide for? This guide is perfect for volleyball coaches at all levels seeking to enhance their practice planning and team performance.
  • What makes Tonya Johnson's guide different? Tonya Johnson brings unique insights from her extensive experience at both the collegiate level and in developing championship-winning teams.
  • How can I apply these strategies to my team? The guide provides actionable steps and methodologies that you can tailor to your team’s specific needs and goals.

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