Top 10 Drills for HS Tennis - Joey Cantu, Boerne Champion HS


Top 10 Drills for HS Tennis - Joey Cantu, Boerne Champion HS

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Discover the secrets to transforming your high school tennis team into state contenders with the guidance of seasoned coach Joey Cantu. Drawing from two decades of experience in cultivating championship-level teams, this essential collection of top 10 drills is your roadmap to success on the courts.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Expert Insight: Benefit from the strategies developed by Coach Joey Cantu, with 20 years of experience at Boerne ISD, leading teams to multiple state tournament appearances.
  • Proven Success: Implement drills tested in high-pressure environments, with a track record of finishing 2nd in state championships three times.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers a wide range of skills necessary for competitive play - from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Easy to Follow: Each drill is explained in detail, ensuring you can easily adopt them into your training sessions.
  • Family-Focused Coaching Philosophy: Learn from a coach who not only values success on the court but also emphasizes the importance of family, with his wife and two daughters playing pivotal roles in his coaching journey.

Why Choose Joey Cantu's Top 10 Drills?

Choosing Joey Cantu's expertly curated drills means giving your high school tennis team the advantage they need to excel. Whether you're aiming for district championships or state tournament appearances, these drills are designed to sharpen skills, enhance team cohesion, and instill a winning mindset. With easy-to-understand instructions and a proven track record of success, you're not just investing in drills; you're investing in the future of your athletes.


  • Who is Joey Cantu?
    Joey Cantu is a celebrated high school tennis coach with 20 years of experience, known for leading his teams to multiple state championships and regional tournaments.
  • Is this suitable for beginners?
    Yes, these drills are designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players, ensuring comprehensive development.
  • How can these drills improve my team?
    By focusing on strategic skill development, team cohesion, and competitive readiness, these drills aim to elevate your team's performance in critical matches.
  • Can I apply these drills to individual training?
    While primarily designed for teams, many of the drills can be adapted for individual players looking to enhance their game.

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