The MOJO Guide to Positive Coaching


The MOJO Guide to Positive Coaching

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Discover how MOJO transforms the coaching experience, focusing on development, empathy, and the joy of play. Whether you're embarking on coaching youth sports for the first time or looking to enrich your coaching skills, The MOJO Guide to Positive Coaching offers invaluable insights and tools to make every coaching moment count.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Developmentally-Appropriate Content: Tailored guidance that aligns with the needs of kids aged 13 and under, ensuring a positive impact on their growth and development.
  • Focus on Positive Feedback: Learn the art of encouraging young athletes, fostering a supportive environment that boosts confidence and enjoyment in the sport.
  • Empathy as a Coaching Strategy: Embrace empathy on the field to connect with players, enhancing their social and emotional well-being.
  • Championing Play: MOJO's child-centered approach highlights the importance of fun and play in youth sports, promoting a lifelong love for physical activity.
  • Free Minute Clinics: Quick, accessible courses offering practical tips on everything from conducting effective practices to coaching during games.
  • Award-Winning Platform: Benefit from the 2021 Webby Award-winning app, recognized for bringing world-class training and education to youth sports coaching.

Why Choose The MOJO Guide to Positive Coaching?

MOJO is not just another coaching app. It's a comprehensive platform designed by experts to empower parents and coaches with knowledge, skills, and tools. By focusing on developmentally-appropriate, child-centered coaching, MOJO ensures that every child benefits from the transformative power of sports, played the right way. Plus, with free access to a wealth of resources, including TED Talks and clinics on crucial topics like positive feedback and the role of play, MOJO is your go-to guide for fostering an inclusive, empathetic, and enjoyable sports experience for all.


  • Who is The MOJO Guide for? It's designed for anyone involved in coaching youth sports, especially those new to the role or seeking to adopt a more positive, impactful coaching style.
  • How can I access The MOJO Guide and resources? The MOJO Guide to Positive Coaching is available through the MOJO app, along with its suite of resources, including minute clinics and expert talks.
  • Is The MOJO Guide free? Yes, many of the resources, including the minute clinics and select courses, are available for free, making it accessible to coaches worldwide.

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