Successful Doubles III: The Pivotal Player


Successful Doubles III: The Pivotal Player

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Why Successful Doubles III is Your Key to Mastery

  • Expert Guidance: Crafted by Pete Collins, an International Master Professional with the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), ensuring top-tier instruction.
  • Comprehensive Learning: In less than 90 minutes, transform your understanding and approach to playing the non-hitter role in doubles tennis.
  • Innovative Techniques: Learn to read your opponent, position yourself correctly, and cover the court more effectively without the need for new racquet skills.
  • Visual and Actionable Strategies: Includes specific lessons on reading opponents and managing play situations to enhance your game immediately.
  • Accessible Anywhere: Complete the course at your own pace, from anywhere, making it perfect for busy schedules.

Benefits of Successful Doubles III: The Pivotal Player

  • Boosted Court Awareness: Sharpen your ability to anticipate and react, becoming a formidable player on the court.
  • Enhanced Team Dynamics: By mastering the non-hitter role, contribute more effectively to your team's success.
  • Improved Volley and Lob Coverage: Gain confidence in your volleys and increase your ability to cover lobs with ease.
  • Strategy Over Strength: Utilize smart play strategies over brute force, making your game more sophisticated and effective.
  • Global Recognition: Learn from a program that has been shared worldwide, making a mark in the international doubles tennis community.

What Sets Successful Doubles III Apart

Unlike other tennis training programs, Successful Doubles III: The Pivotal Player focuses on the strategic and intellectual aspect of doubles tennis, empowering players to win not by changing their swing but by thinking and positioning smarter. Developed by a renowned expert in the field, this course offers unique insights that are accessible to players at all levels.


  • Do I need to have completed Successful Doubles I and II to benefit from this course?
    No, each course is designed to provide value independently. However, completing all three can offer a more comprehensive understanding and improvement of your doubles game.
  • How do I access the course?
    Visit to purchase and access the course. You can start learning immediately from any device.
  • Is this course suitable for beginners?
    Absolutely! Successful Doubles III is designed to benefit players at all levels by enhancing strategic thinking and positioning on the court.
  • Can I book a Successful Doubles clinic for my club?
    Yes, to book a clinic or for more information, contact Pete Collins directly at 706-799-6930 or via email at

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