Spine Ability : Ian Barstow


Spine Ability : Ian Barstow

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Transform Your Tennis Performance

Tennis demands a lot from the body, especially the spine. Ian Barstow, with his extensive experience and scientific approach, introduces Spine Ability, a revolutionary course designed to optimize spine health for peak performance and injury prevention. Featured at the World Tennis Conference, this course is a must-have for players and coaches aiming for the top.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Ian Barstow, a GPTCA/ATP Certified Master with a Health Science Masters from the University of Florida, with 30 years of experience at 35 Grand Slams.
  • Debunking Myths: Discover the biggest myths about spine training and why traditional methods like planks might not be enough.
  • Proven Techniques: Gain insight into "old school" wrestling techniques for lower back training and why full range of motion is crucial.
  • Enhance Performance: Learn how to improve on-court movement based on the biomechanics of top tennis players.
  • Injury Prevention: Practical advice on minimizing the risk of spine injuries, keeping your players in the game longer.
  • Exclusive Content: Benefit from unique content presented at the World Tennis Conference, including a detailed pathway for developing competitive tennis players.
  • Support Tennis Development: Contributions from the course support Tennis AID, promoting tennis worldwide in underprivileged communities.

Why Choose Spine Ability?

Spine Ability isn't just a training program. It's a comprehensive approach to understanding the spinal requirements of tennis, offering practical solutions to enhance performance and safeguard against injury. Whether you're a player looking to elevate your game or a coach aiming to guide your athletes to success, Spine Ability provides the tools you need to succeed on and off the court.


  • Who can benefit from Spine Ability? Tennis players of all levels and coaches looking to improve their athlete's performance and reduce injury risks.
  • How does Spine Ability differ from other training programs? It focuses specifically on the spine's role in tennis, combining scientific research with practical, proven methods from a seasoned professional in the field.
  • Can I apply these techniques on my own? Yes, the course is designed to be accessible for players to learn and apply the techniques independently, with benefits for coaches in guiding their athletes.
  • Is there support available if I have questions? Course purchasers gain access to exclusive content and can reach out for guidance on implementing the program's techniques.

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