Scouting Your Opponent - David Rehr, Univ. of Houston


Scouting Your Opponent - David Rehr, Univ. of Houston

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Revolutionize Your Team's Performance

  • Expert Insights: Learn from David Rehr, the seventh head coach in Houston Volleyball history, who has transformed the Houston program into a conference powerhouse.
  • Proven Success: Mimic the strategies that led to Houston winning the West Division in 2020, their first conference title since joining the American Athletic Conference in 2013.
  • All-Conference Players: Benefit from the coaching techniques that have produced eight All-Conference players in just two years, more than any other school in the league since Rehr's arrival.
  • National Recognition: Discover how to achieve national recognition with your players, following Rehr's guidance that has seen players recognized as All-Americans and awarded by the AVCA.

Why "Scouting Your Opponent" is a Must-Have

  • Comprehensive Guidance: Get a detailed blueprint on building a successful team strategy, focusing on both individual player development and team dynamics.
  • Real-World Applications: Apply real-world tactics that have been proven to elevate teams on both a conference and national level.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay ahead of the competition with insights and strategies that evolve with the game, ensuring your coaching remains effective and innovative.


  • Is "Scouting Your Opponent" suitable for coaches at all levels?
    Yes, whether you're coaching a high school team, a club team, or at the collegiate level, this guide provides valuable insights that can be tailored to your team's needs.
  • How can "Scouting Your Opponent" improve my team's performance?
    By implementing the strategies and techniques shared by David Rehr, you can enhance your team's tactical understanding, player development, and overall competitiveness.
  • Are the strategies in "Scouting Your Opponent" applicable to other sports?
    While the focus is on volleyball, the underlying principles of team building, player recognition, and opponent analysis can be beneficial across various team sports.

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