(Rental)-Switching Man Defenses


(Rental)-Switching Man Defenses

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  • Get your opponent off the offense
  • Increase communication between players and increase team trust
  • Increase ball pressure and team defence

Joe Mihalich will teach you the secrets of switching man defense. His team averaged 18 turnovers per match, was 5th in steals, and held opponents' field goal percentage at 39%.

Coach Mihalich begins with his keys to defense: switching with purpose and communication. He introduces five 2-on-2 drills, which break down the mechanics and communication of switching on block to block screens, down screens. Fade screens, ball screens, fade screens, ball screen, and dribble drive actions.

Mihalich then explains the two 4-on-4 drills, which emphasize communication and player trust.

Close Out Drill

  • Teaches vision and position
  • Your man shouldn't be able to do whatever he likes
  • Sprint to help you position
  • Get on with the job

Florida Scramble Drill

  • Five offensive players vs four defenders
  • Two players are covered by one defender
  • Players should learn to guard other players
  • It emphasizes vision, position and anticipation

Mihalich also explains how to trap the post and defend screens that have been set by the 5-man.

This video will help you to have the best team communication, confuse your opponent, and force turnovers.

68 minutes. 2011.

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