Power Yoga for Sports FULL Skiers Training Kit


Power Yoga for Sports FULL Skiers Training Kit

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Why Choose Power Yoga for Sports FULL Skiers Training Kit?

  • Comprehensive Training Tools: Access to 17 exclusive videos, an 83+ page manual, Power Yoga for Sports pose books, athlete evaluation video, and more, covering everything from yoga poses and nutrition to goal setting and mindfulness.
  • Expert Guidance: Created by Gwen Lawrence, whose expertise is sought by the world’s top athletes, and named "The Best Innovation in Sports Medicine" by ESPN Magazine.
  • Prevent Injuries: Learn how to evaluate problem areas and imbalances with specialized content, including live workshops on spotting imbalances before they become injuries.
  • Mental Training: Includes mindfulness worksheets and techniques for mental game training, essential for competitive success.
  • Valuable for Everyone: Whether you're a coach, professional athlete, student athlete, or a supportive parent, this kit offers invaluable tools to enhance performance and avoid common sports-related issues.
  • Cost-Effective: At $47, this kit offers an incredible value, potentially saving you from the costs associated with lost playing time, physical therapy, or surgery.
  • Special Bonuses: Goal setting book, dominant eye video explanation, and techniques for improving game performance such as the bow and arrow analogy video.


Is this kit suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Power Yoga for Sports FULL Skiers Training Kit is designed to be accessible for athletes at all levels, including beginners.

How does this kit help prevent injuries?

It includes specific exercises and workshops aimed at identifying and correcting imbalances and weaknesses that could lead to injuries, helping you strengthen your body in a balanced way.

Can I use this kit at home?

Yes, this kit is designed for use at home, providing you with a comprehensive training regimen without the need for expensive gym memberships or equipment.

Is the content available immediately?

Yes, upon purchase, you will have immediate access to all digital content, allowing you to start your training right away.

What makes Gwen Lawrence's program unique?

Gwen’s approach is tailored to athletes, focusing on the specific needs and challenges they face in their sports, making her program uniquely effective.

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