PE Stations & Activities: Lessons & cards for PE & Sport Skills Grades K-3


PE Stations & Activities: Lessons & cards for PE & Sport Skills Grades K-3

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Revolutionize Your PE Classes

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your physical education classes? With the PE Stations & Activities pack, you're equipped with everything you need to inspire your students and elevate their sport skills. Designed by experienced elementary PE teachers, this comprehensive package is your ticket to engaging, skill-developing, and fun PE sessions.

Why Choose PE Stations & Activities?

  • 60 Dynamic Sport Station Videos: Access a wide range of sport stations with clear instructions, ensuring your students improve their skills while having fun.
  • Printable Station Cards: Easy-to-follow task cards for each station can be printed, laminated, and displayed, guiding students through their activities seamlessly.
  • Individual Score Sheets: Empower students to challenge themselves and track their progress with personalized score sheets, enhancing their reading, counting, and data recording skills.
  • Online Video Access: With online videos for each station, even those new to teaching PE can confidently set up and run activities.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for sports carnival days, house group competitions, or weekly PE lessons, this pack is flexible to fit your teaching needs.
  • Lifelong Resource: A valuable tool for enriching your PE curriculum year after year, guaranteed to keep your students excited and motivated.

What Teachers Are Saying

Positive feedback from educators highlights the practicality, ease of implementation, and the fun, engaging nature of the activities. Teachers appreciate the explicit directions and the variety of activities that cater to different skill levels and interests.

Developing Future Sports Stars

Focus on key skill elements including striking, moving, bouncing, throwing, catching, and kicking. Each skill element features 12 activities, designed to enhance hand-eye coordination, balance, agility, and fundamental movement skills. Prepare your students to excel in sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, American football, and soccer.


  • Is this pack suitable for beginners?
    Yes, with detailed instructions and online videos, even teachers new to PE can use this pack effectively.
  • Can the activities be customized?
    Absolutely. You can choose to set up 6 different stations covering various skill elements or focus on a single skill element per lesson.
  • Are the materials durable?
    Printing and laminating the station cards will ensure they last for many years, providing a long-term resource for your PE classes.
  • How does this pack help with sports development?
    It focuses on developing fundamental skills necessary for various sports, ensuring students build a strong foundation for future athletic endeavors.

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