Games Based Tennis Practice to Stir the Heart, Soul, and Play of Your Team


Games Based Tennis Practice to Stir the Heart, Soul, and Play of Your Team

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Unlock the Power of Play for Unmatched Engagement and Competitive Spirit

  • Engagement Through Fun: Incorporate engaging games into practices for increased player buy-in and enthusiasm.
  • Built-in Competition: Leverage natural competitiveness through games to foster a winning spirit among players.
  • Proven Success Strategies: Learn from Coach Greg Patton, a decorated coach with a history of leading teams to victory.
  • Community Building: Foster a strong sense of community among players through fun and collaborative game-based practices.
  • Cognitive Benefits: Promote a healthy brain and happy life with practices designed around the beauty of playful chaos.
  • Practical Learning: "Learn by doing" with a curriculum focused on hands-on play and real-world competition strategies.

Why Choose Games-Based Tennis Practice?

Traditional tennis instruction can often be mechanical and uninspiring. Our approach shifts the focus to games, making every practice session an opportunity for players to compete, learn, and have fun. This method not only increases player engagement but also translates directly to more victories on the court.

About Coach Greg Patton

With an impressive record of 203-67 at Boise State and numerous coaching accolades, including being a two-time NCAA/ITA National Coach of the Year, Greg Patton brings unmatched experience and a proven track record of success. His innovative approach to tennis practice will inspire your team and lead to tangible improvements in their play and competitive results.


  • Who can benefit from this approach? Any tennis team or player looking to boost engagement, improve skill levels, and achieve more wins through fun and competitive play.
  • How does games-based practice improve player performance? By focusing on play, competition, and fun, players are more engaged and motivated to improve, leading to better performance in matches.
  • Is this approach suitable for all ages and skill levels? Yes, the games-based approach can be tailored to suit players of all ages and abilities, making it a versatile tool for coaches and teams.

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