Daniel Marshall - A&M Cons. - TENNIS - Things We Practice... And Why


Daniel Marshall - A&M Cons. - TENNIS - Things We Practice... And Why

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Discover the winning strategies and deep insights into the world of high school tennis coaching through Daniel Marshall's engaging and informative lecture. "Things We Practice... And Why?" is not just a lecture; it's a roadmap to success for aspiring tennis athletes and coaches alike. Delivered at the prestigious Texas High School Coaches Association 90th annual Coaching School and Convention, this lecture packs decades of coaching experience, personal anecdotes, and proven methodologies into a compelling 56-minute video.

Why Choose Daniel Marshall's Lecture?

  • Proven Success: Learn from a coach who has led teams to six UIL State Team Tennis Tournaments and secured two Boys Doubles Team State Championships.
  • Experience and Recognition: Benefit from over 21 years of coaching experience, including numerous accolades such as the 2014 TTCA 5A Coach of the Year and the 2020 UIL/NFHS Boys Coach of the Year.
  • Insider Knowledge: Gain insights from a former elite player and a seasoned coach who understands the game from both perspectives.
  • Family-Oriented Approach: Understand the importance of family and team dynamics in building a successful team, illustrated by Coach Marshall's personal experiences with his son and team.
  • Leadership and Strategy: Absorb the tactical and emotional aspects of coaching high-performance teams, with a focus on creating a winning mindset.

Benefits of "Things We Practice... And Why?"

  • Enhanced Coaching Techniques: Improve your coaching skills with strategies that have been tested and proven at the highest levels of high school tennis.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to nurture talent and lead a team to victory, both on and off the court.
  • Exclusive Insights: Access valuable lessons and strategies that can only come from years of successful coaching and playing experience.
  • Impactful Leadership Skills: Learn how to inspire, motivate, and manage your team effectively under various circumstances.


  • Who should watch this lecture? This lecture is ideal for tennis coaches at all levels, especially those coaching high school teams, as well as tennis players looking to understand the strategic side of the game.
  • How can I access the lecture? The lecture is available as a video, making it easy to watch at your convenience on multiple devices.
  • Is this lecture suitable for beginners? While the lecture is geared towards coaches, players and enthusiasts at all levels can gain valuable insights into the game of tennis.

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