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Buzz Defense Extended



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Discover the Game-Changing Strategy!

Introducing the revolutionary Buzz Defense Extended, the latest on-court practice DVD from Illinois Associate Head Coach Mike Divilbiss. Elevate your team's defensive game with full-court strategies that have been developed and refined with the Illinois players themselves. Coach Divilbiss takes the Buzz defense to new heights, demonstrating its extension in a dynamic 2-2-1 set with three distinct calls for adaptable change-ups. Whether you're looking to disrupt the opponent's primary ballhandler, adjust your defense seamlessly into the Buzz, or apply traditional trapping zone strategies, this DVD is your ticket to a superior defense strategy.

Why Choose Buzz Defense Extended?

  • Innovative Defense Tactics: Learn from the best with strategies that extend the Buzz defense across the full court.
  • Adaptable Strategies: Master three different calls ('hot', 'cool', and 'conventional') to keep your opponents guessing and give your team the upper hand.
  • Expert Guidance: Gain insights from Illinois Associate Head Coach Mike Divilbiss and see the tactics in action with the Illinois players.
  • Flexibility for Any Scenario: Discover how to adjust your defense with a 2-1-2 set for opposing shooters, ensuring your team is always prepared.
  • Comprehensive Learning: With a running time of 31 minutes, dive deep into the strategies that will transform your team's defensive capabilities.


What will I learn from the Buzz Defense Extended DVD?

You will learn full-court defense strategies, including how to extend the Buzz defense, make strategic calls to disrupt opponents, and effectively use a 2-1-2 set against shooters. This DVD provides a comprehensive guide to elevating your team's defense.

Who is this DVD for?

This DVD is ideal for basketball coaches at all levels looking to enhance their team's defensive strategies with innovative and adaptable tactics from one of the most respected coaches in the sport.

How can I apply these strategies to my team?

The tactics and strategies demonstrated in the Buzz Defense Extended DVD are designed to be adaptable to any team. Coach Divilbiss provides insights into implementing these strategies in practice and during games for maximum effectiveness.

Is previous knowledge of the Buzz defense necessary?

While prior knowledge can be beneficial, it is not necessary. The DVD provides a complete overview of the Buzz defense principles and how they can be extended and adapted, making it accessible for coaches new to the concept as well as those already familiar with Buzz defense.

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