The Science of Tackling - Scott Lawyer and Kellen Gordon, ATAVUS


The Science of Tackling - Scott Lawyer and Kellen Gordon, ATAVUS

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Why Choose "The Science of Tackling"?

  • Expert Guidance: Authored by renowned coaches Scott Lawyer and Kellen Gordon, bringing years of experience and success to your training.
  • In-depth Analysis: 26 minutes of comprehensive breakdowns on tackling techniques that can transform your game.
  • Accessible Learning: Ideal for players and coaches at all levels who are serious about improving their defensive skills.
  • Not Just for Certification: While not a certification course, this guide is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their understanding and execution of effective tackling.

Benefits of Mastering "The Science of Tackling"

  • Boost Your Defensive Skills: Elevate your game by mastering tackling techniques that can make a real difference on the field.
  • Learn from the Best: Gain insights and tips from top coaches who have developed and refined these methods over years of practice.
  • Improve Safety: Understanding the science behind tackling can also lead to safer play, reducing the risk of injury for yourself and opponents.
  • Advance Your Career: Whether you're a player looking to stand out or a coach wanting to lead your team to victory, this guide is an essential tool for your arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is this video suitable for beginners?
    Yes! "The Science of Tackling" is designed for individuals at all levels of play, from beginners to advanced players and coaches.
  • Can this video help me if I'm already an experienced player or coach?
    Absolutely. The techniques and insights provided by Scott Lawyer and Kellen Gordon are valuable for enhancing the skills of even the most experienced participants.
  • Will this video certify me as a coach?
    No, "The Science of Tackling" is an educational resource and not a certification course. However, it is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their understanding and application of effective tackling techniques.