MFCN Virtual Clinic 9


MFCN Virtual Clinic 9

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Immerse yourself in the strategies of top-tier football coaching with the MFCN Virtual Clinic 9 bundle. This exclusive package offers unparalleled access to the minds of highly acclaimed coaches. Elevate your game, understanding, and coaching prowess with insights that have led teams to national victories.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Three Comprehensive Sessions: Gain insights from Coach Chris King, Coach Chris Hawkins, and Coach Tony Salazar, each bringing unique perspectives and winning strategies to the table.
  • Nationally Recognized Programs: Learn from the experiences of coaches from St John Bosco HS and Westlake HS, both celebrated for their outstanding success in high school football.
  • Exclusive Content: Each session is packed with detailed drills, preparation timelines, defensive strategies, and philosophies that have shaped champions.
  • Real-World Experience: Benefit from the knowledge of coaches who have excelled both on the field as players and on the sidelines as coaches in top football programs.
  • Support a Non-Profit Organization: 100% of your donation for this course goes directly to MFCN, supporting its mission to connect coaches and foster growth in the football coaching community.

Why Choose MFCN Virtual Clinic 9?

Whether you're looking to refine your coaching strategies, enhance your team's performance, or gain insights into the preparation that leads to championships, MFCN Virtual Clinic 9 is your gateway to elevating your coaching credentials. With content drawn from the highest levels of high school football success, this package is indispensable for coaches seeking to learn from the best.

Support and Community

By choosing MFCN Virtual Clinic 9, you're not just improving your coaching toolkit—you're also joining a community dedicated to the growth and support of football coaches nationwide. MFCN's mission to build relationships and enhance the coaching profession is fueled by your participation and support.


  • How do I access the MFCN Virtual Clinic 9 sessions? Upon purchase, you will receive a link to access the virtual clinic sessions through the Coachtube platform.
  • Can I share the content with my coaching team? Sharing access isn’t allowed, but we encourage team members to support MFCN by purchasing their access, benefiting from the exclusive content while supporting a great cause.
  • Is there a certificate of completion? Yes, participants who complete the MFCN Virtual Clinic 9 will receive a certificate of completion, acknowledging their commitment to advancing their coaching skills.